10 Irresistible Burgers to Serve Up at Your Next Family Barbecue

Different types of gourmet burgers you can serve at a barbequeTry One of These Gourmet Burgers at Your Next BBQ

As the warm days of summer come to an end and cold weather looms, it’s time to squeeze in one last family barbecue. When you fire up the grill, you can create something special by serving up a unique twist on the burgers that everyone loves. Whether you take a cue from Burgerim and serve up burgers or you want something really outside the box like a Hawaiian burger, here are 10 irresistible burger ideas to make your next backyard barbecue unforgettable.

The Classic

Sometimes less is more, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to the classic burger. For foodies who are wanting to experience the quality of the meat as much as the toppings this burger is a great choice. A simple lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise and you have perfection. With light toppings customers will be able to taste the superbly seasoned meat in ideal balance. Visit a Burgerim and order this all-American classic.

Cheesy Bacon Burger

If you are a cheese lover this burger is definitely worth a taste. Why stop at one type of cheese, when ordering this burger, you can add as many different types of cheese as you can handle. Be careful to ask for ones that complement each other or you could end up with a cheesy disaster. Once the perfect balance of cheese is melted onto the meat patty, simply add a topping of bacon and get ready to eat. This burger is fitting for bacon lovers too!

Turkey Burger

This burger is a great choice for a foodie who is wanting a leaner burger. Turkey meat is a wonderful option to take the place of the traditional beef patty.   When seasoned correctly it can taste amazing. The trick is to not overcook turkey meat so that it remains tender and juicy. Turkey burgers can be complemented with so many different toppings. Whether you want to add some simple onion and coleslaw, or you would rather ramp your burger up with mushrooms and cheese, you can‘t lose.   

Barbeque Burger

When you combine these two all American foods you create culinary heaven. This burger is made up of a perfectly seasoned beef patty. In order to compliment the meat a barbeque sauce is added to give that amazing tangy taste. Finish this sandwich off with cheese and some grilled onions—what a delight!

Hawaiian Burger

If you are looking for a sweeter burger, this is the one for you. This sandwich portrays its Hawaiian roots with all the savory taste to go with it.

Philly Cheese Steak Burger

This burger is a combination of two American food icons. Choose Angus beef for a heavy steak flavor, topped with Swiss cheese, and smothered with caramelized onions and peppers it can be a foodie’s dream.

Breakfast Burger

This burger is a hit if you love eggs and bacon. It is a very simple concept that has an epic taste. The key is to top your burger patty with thick slices of crispy bacon and an over easy egg with a runny center. Throw on your favorite omelet toppings like mushrooms, onions, or bell pepper for an extra fun twist!

Mushroom Swiss Burger

If you are a fan of mushrooms as a topping this burger is something to give a try. Once the meat is seasoned and cooked add caramelized mushrooms Swiss cheese. To give it a finishing touch throw grilled peppers on the top and start eating. This sandwich has it all.

Guacamole Burger

This is an odd suggestion but once it hits your taste buds, you will see how it works. Season a beef patty and cook to your taste then add fresh guacamole as a topping and finish it off with fresh red onions. This is perfect for anyone who loves avocados.

Blue Cheese BBQ Burger

Blue cheese is an acquired taste, but when added to a meat patty with the right bun, it makes this American icon even better. Once you add the blue cheese top off with some BBQ sauce to give this sandwich a kick.


No matter which one of these options you choose for your upcoming backyard barbecue, the simple, irresistible burger never disappoints. Call your friends and family and fire up the grill tonight!


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