12 Reasons that Make Burgerim the Best Burgers in L.A.

Burgerim Mini Burger with Fries Next to it - Making it the Best Meal in L.A.What Makes a Burgerim Burger So Great?

Burgerim is changing the way people view the burger. Our fairly new chain is revolutionizing how the burger is served in many different ways. If you are a foodie who loves a good burger, then you must visit a Burgerim to check out the best burger in Los Angeles. Whether we draw you in with our savory seasoned meat or the many toppings we offer, you won’t regret visiting this amazing restaurant.

1. The Concept

We serve amazing burgers in a different way than most restaurants. These 2.8 ounce burgers are slightly bigger than sliders but much smaller than the traditional burger. They are served on a sesame bun and come with standard toppings of lettuce, tomato, and onion. When you order at Burgerim, the minimum order required is two of these delicious sandwiches, but customers can also order a serving of three or sixteen.

2. Best Quality Meat

On our menu, you will find a large variety of meats to get your burger started. We offer a large selection of different beef including, dry aged beef, wagyu beef, and Merguez. Of course, you can also just order the standard beef. For healthier eaters, we also have lamb, turkey, chicken, salmon, and veggie burgers on our menu. All meat is quality grade meat and tightly packed for extreme taste and flavor.

3. Toppings

We are known for our unique toppings selection. When you order your sandwich, it will automatically come with toppings that include lettuce, tomato, and onion. That’s just the beginning. If you are a more adventurous burger connoisseur, we also have mushrooms, bacon, pineapple, American cheese, avocado, jalapeno, grilled onion, and sunny side up eggs. You can order any or all of these for an additional fifty cent charge per topping.

4. Buns and Sides

We keep our bun selection very simple, but still make an effort to please all customers. The Burgerim bun is a sesame bun and is considered the standard. We also offer other bun options as well as a whole wheat bun. Your Burgerim meal can be complemented with a side of delicious Burgerim fries.

5. Sauces

One of the major components that makes Burgerim stand out among competitors is the variety of sauces we offer. Customers may choose from house sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, BBQ, and spicy mayo. We offer mostly anything you could ever want on your burger. Getting hungry yet?

6. Quality Service

We train each of our staff members to put the customer first in every way. When you eat at Burgerim, you are guaranteed to have friendly customer service, and your order will always be cooked just as you ordered.

7. Clean Environment

No one wants to frequent a restaurant that doesn’t have a clean environment. Each Burgerim location has stellar sanitations scores. Patrons can count on cleanliness in the dining room and the kitchen.

8. Delivery

Everyone has had those moments when the day has been long and cooking just isn’t an option. We provide a great option to order out and have it delivered straight to your door. Call in your order and you can guarantee it will be delivered to your home hot and in a timely manner.

9. Entertainment

For customers who want to have a dine-in experience, we provide TVs where you can watch the big game and enjoy your meal at the same time. This is great for a guys’ (or girls’) night out.

10. Top Reviews on Yelp

Despite the fact that Burgerim is a fairly new franchise, we are already making a name for ourselves. Yelp has many stellar reviews that prove Burgerim is a great place to eat.

11. Beer Selection

We know that often a good draft will make or break a good burger. When you chose to eat at Burgerim you can also enjoy our vast beer selection.

12. Casual Environment

After a long day at work or play, Burgerim provides a casual eating environment that is friendly for the whole family. We welcome all customers and are proud to offer a simple environment that make people comfortable relaxing after a long, tiring day.

We’d like to believe that we’ve found the perfect balance of amazing food and a great atmosphere for customers to enjoy. When you eat at a Burgerim, you will walk away with a great experience from the food down to the service. Maybe it’s time you try a Burgerim for yourself!


+1 (818) 650-8307

16861 Ventura Blvd #303
CA 91436