5 Characteristics of a Good Burger Restaurant

What exactly makes a good burger restaurant?

5-10 Burger Restaurant Interior At Night

There is no shortage of burger restaurants across the country. Whether you’re in a small town in the Midwest or a large coastal city, you’re bound to find a burger restaurant anywhere you look. But so many of these are just average—with nothing setting them apart from any other burger joint.

While finding a burger restaurant isn’t hard, finding a good burger restaurant might be. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Here are the top 5 characteristics of a good burger restaurant to help you find your new favorite place.

1. They should specialize in burgers.

You wouldn’t go to a place that specializes in chicken wings or steak or salads to find a great burger—because their primary focus is not on creating a great burger. You’re bound to find the best burgers at places that dedicate most or all of their efforts to their burgers.

2. They should offer a logical assortment of menu items.

A good burger restaurant can have a good selection of menu items, but they should make sense in relation to their main offering. For example: french fries, onion rings, sandwiches, salads with similar ingredients to the burgers, and desserts all make sense. An oversized menu featuring seafood items, BBQ ribs, and tacos doesn’t really make sense.

3. They should have a unique business concept that sets them apart.

When you walk into a burger restaurant or take a bite of your selection, you want something to stand out—in a positive way. A good burger restaurant should have a unique business concept to set them apart from any regular burger joint. Their unique factor could be a special way of cooking their burgers, a creative layout of their stores, or something entirely different.

4. The burger restaurant should create the right atmosphere.

A great burger restaurant should be not too formal and not too casual. Though you can find a great burger at a walk-up restaurant or a fine dining one, we like places that you could pop into any time of the day without having to worry about being over or under-dressed. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on your way home from work or meeting your friends before a night out, a great burger place should be the perfect place.

5. A good burger restaurant should listen to its customers.

Some restaurants keep the same menu and business practices for their entirety of their existence, while others listen to their customers and make changes to keep them coming back as they see fit. Whether customers value many different choices for soft drinks or having more vegetarian options, the best restaurants can take their feedback into consideration to grow and strengthen support for their brand.

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