9 Reasons to Invest in a Franchise in 2017

Fanchise investor who is very please with opening up his storeHave you ever contemplated the idea of owning your own business? There is a good chance that while the passionate side of your personality wants to jump right into entrepreneurship there are reasons that hold you back. Starting a business comes with serious risk as well as huge financial benefits. What if there was a way to minimize the risk while still capitalizing on the benefits? Franchise ownership offers the best of both worlds. While there is always some risk involved, owning a franchise is a great idea.

Here are 9 reasons to invest in a franchise in 2017:

Start with a Name People Know

When you purchase a franchise, you are basically buying someone else’s intellectual property. There is no need to worry because the name is branded and has already been proven successful. The business model is clearly laid out and easily implemented. Consumers will be drawn to your franchise because the name has already been widely marketed and developed. This ensures your business will launch into great success.  

Get Access to Franchise Support Services

Once you purchase your franchise you will have instant access to support from the corporate offices. They want you to succeed so they offer many different forms of support for your new business. Often, they will have training seminars so that you can get familiar with the company and how to run a small business. In addition to seminars they will send personal to your franchise to help you get completely familiar with day to day operations. Hiring and firing staff is also one of the many ways they will guide you towards success.  

Corporate’s marketing team will help you prepare for your opening day and make sure your franchise has been advertised to your local community. Remember the brand is often widely known so there is no need to worry about a customer base. Business owners are trained to take on any challenge they may face while running their business. Corporate offices are available 24/7 so that you can get any help you may need or get answers to any questions.  

Take Advantage of Brand Protection

When a franchise is started the most important aspect for all owners is to protect the integrity of the brand name. Franchise owners are required to follow a strict set of rules so that there is good quality control. It is guaranteed that you are working as a team with all other franchise owners so that the business model continues to be productive and successful.  

The Beauty of a Turn Key Business

Many hours of hard work are instantly eliminated when you choose to invest in a franchise. There is no need to spend hours trying to find the perfect gimmick or name. All of that is done for you. Corporate offices will choose exactly where the franchise is located, help negotiate a lease or purchase, hire prescreened contractors to build the franchise. It is guaranteed your new building will be built on time and within the set budget with no effort on your part. Franchise owners also have instant access to vendors and suppliers.   

Financing Made Simple

Lenders are more likely to approve your financing when you are trying to buy a franchise than a traditional business. The loan underwriters are aware that the risk is much lower and they are less likely to lose money on this investment. It is very common for some franchise corporations to offer in house financing. This makes the initial investment possible for people who don’t have tens of thousands of dollars on hand to invest.  

Help Available When You Need It

Many people believe franchise owners are left on their own after the initial set up.  This is completely misguided information. Through the entire life of your franchise ownership you will have on going support from corporate offices. This way if you run into a problem help is only a phone call away.  

Future Growth Possibilities

Owning a franchise gives you the opportunity to own more locations if you want to. The possibilities for growth are endless.  

Proven Business Model

Not only are you purchasing into a brand that has already been widely marketed, you are running a business with a proven business model. Success is almost guaranteed when you own a franchise. The reason for the strict rules and regulations are to protect each owner and ensure success.

Your dreams of being a business owner can be a reality. Franchise ownership gives anyone the opportunity, despite previous business experience, to run a thriving business. The risk is low but the advantages are enormous. Let the year 2017 be the year you leave your dead-end job behind and become an entrepreneur.

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