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Burgerim’s Burgers Make Headlines With First US Location

News About Our Mini Burgers is Spreading Fast

While you might remember Burgerim from its 2013 West Hollywood location, we have properly made our stateside debut with the opening of our Los Angeles location. As the first authorized branch, this location is the first true Burgerim location in the United States. Since it opened, our burgers have made a big impact. We’ve been covered on news sources from the Examiner to the Los Angeles Times. If you aren’t familiar with our unique concept, it’s time to familiarize yourself with us and our burgers.

Our Concept

We have a unique concept that helps up stand out from all other burger joints out there. Our burgers feature 2.8 oz patties so that you can eat multiple combinations if you’re feeling up for it. We like to think that our burgers are just an opportunity for options. When you aren’t limited to one canvas, you can create multiple masterpieces featuring multiple flavor profiles. While you might be craving a traditional cheeseburger with beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a sesame seed bun, you may simultaneously be drooling over the Mediterranean flavors of a juicy lamb burger. With burgers so small, you have the opportunity to have both and satisfy all of your cravings. You’ll leave wanting for nothing. Well, except to come back.

Our Story

Our founder had just returned from culinary school in New York where she learned she had perfected the art of cooking. When she arrived home, she knew she wanted to share her her love for cooking. She started Burgerim, which means “many burgers.” Soon enough, someone saw the potential of our fantastic burgers and wanted to share them with the world. Currently, there are 168 locations open across the globe with 30 more locations opening in 2016.

Our Menu

The highlight of our menu is our burgers. You can order one, two, three, or sixteen at a time. Although, we only recommend ordering sixteen if you’re looking for a party, because with that many delicious burgers you’re sure to find a good time.

When you come you can choose from 3 buns, 11 patties, 6 sauces, and 9 toppings. The whole purpose of having many burger options is to give you the opportunity to combine ingredients and create different flavor profiles. We would like to draw attention to our lamb burger and our veggie burger, because we don’t believe either is getting the recognition they deserve. Our lamb burger isn’t gamey and reminiscent of the the Asian style burgers. For our non-meat lovers, our veggie burger lacks nothing. The patty is made with carrots, onion, tofu, and green lentils, leaving you full and happy. When you come to one of our locations you have multiple burgers, so take advantage of the opportunity and try our usual patties.

Experience Burgerim Burgers For Yourself

With so many locations and so many options, it so easy for you try our burgers for yourself. Whether you’re out with friends or in the moods for a gourmet lunch, our burgers are sure to be the star of any meal.



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