Burger Restaurants for Every Stage of Life

Young Kid eating a burger suited just for himA Burger for Everyone

Surely by now you’ve realized the important role that burgers have played in your life. Burgers have been there for you when no one else has, burgers have made a way out of no way during those long, hard days when you were hungry and didn’t know what you wanted to eat. You owe so much to burgers, the least you could do is stop to consider all of the good things burgers have done for you, just by being there for you. Burgers feed you. Burgers love you. And burgers love to love you.


High School

No doubt your first encounter with delicious burgers was fast food. Nothing wrong with that at all, just at the time, you really needed the toy that came in the kids’ meal. Burgers were a quick, minimal-mess meal that your folks gave you to make everything all better, or to say, ‘Hey, kiddo! Great job on your solar system project! I’m sure the “C” was for,

“Clever!”’ Those burgers and fries were the center of your universe, and they would rock your world. You were so happy, so blissful, and you didn’t even know that things would only get better.

MIddle School

Oh yeah, now’s the time you start looking forward to those summer barbeques. All of your goofy cousins, their cute friends, and most importantly, your uncle standing by the grill with a cold can in one hand and a long metal spatula in the other. You couldn’t wait to grab a styrofoam plate. Your bun and slice of cheese were already ready, and then the bottom was crowned with a beautiful brown halo of bliss. You squirt your ketchup, barbeque sauce, ranch, mayo, mustard (or all of them, because you’re no wimp), add a slice or two of tomato with lettuce, and you were flying before you knew it. Family barbeques couldn’t get any better? Boy were you wrong.

There is nothing quite like that gorgeous burger that comes from the back in a sit-down restaurant. You’d never tell your uncle, but when you’re THIS close to your parents in a booth, munching fries and sipping down that soda, you still love your uncle’s burgers, but the magic of a sit-down restaurant burger is the star of your dreams. Even the ambiance with all of the chatty families in the background begs you focus on your all-important burger, and that taking what you don’t finish is important…okay, the chatty families didn’t say that as much as your mom did, but c’mon. You wouldn’t waste a sit-down restaurant burger.


There is nothing like the sweet taste of freedom. Freedom is beautiful. Freedom is unmatched. Freedom is delicious. Wait, there is something like the sweet taste of freedom – freedom of burger. You’re in college. You’re a grown up. You had your fast-food burger. You had your cook-out burger. You even had a fancy burger that you (once) finished in one sitting. And now you’re ready – you’re ready for a fully-customizable burger that packs the in the flavor and brags all day about variety. Enjoy having a lamburger after your lentil burger and before your Wagyu burger. You made it to college. That solar system was clearly way better than they said it was.


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