Burger Sensation Coming to Auburn

Burgerim Delicious SaladBurgerim is Opening a New Restaurant in Auburn

Whether you are window shopping in Old Town or taking a tour of the local history museums, there’s always something to see and do in Auburn. This city has drawn international attention as the “Endurance Capital of the World”, hosting events like the Western States Trail Ride, the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run, and the Tevis Cup Equestrian Ride. The city has also been featured as the backdrop for several major films. Now Auburn is making headlines for its growing food scene with restaurants featuring a variety of global flavors. US-based Burgerim is the latest franchise to take aim at Auburn with a new location set to open this spring.

Burgerim is one of the world’s fastest growing burger franchises. Premiering in 2011, the burger restaurant quickly drew interest from around the world and exploded in growth. With more than 80 franchises across the world, Burgerim remains one of the most sought after franchise opportunities for aspiring restaurateurs in 2017.

Meet Burgerim

The new Auburn Burgerim will feature the same unique menu that has driven the restaurant to success worldwide. With a new take on the traditional burger, Auburn foodies will enjoy  burgers in dozens of custom flavor combinations. Burgerim is all about giving you choices. First, you’ll select your bun and then choose a burger patty. You’ll find options like dry aged beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, salmon, and even veggie burgers. Next up, you can load up on toppings with options like avocado, mushrooms, crispy bacon, sunny side eggs, and pineapple.

If you can’t decide what to try, that’s okay! Each Burgerim combo gives you multiple options. Mix and match buns, burgers, and toppings to make each bite unique. Every combo is finished off with a drink and an order of Burgerim’s famous fries. If you’re expecting a crowd for dinner, splurge on the party box that comes packed with 16 delicious burgers. This is the perfect way to feed a hungry family or cater a business lunch on the go. Auburn Burgerim will even offer delivery in selected areas, making it easier than ever to grab lunch at work or enjoy a family dinner after a long day in the office.

Even with all these options to choose from, Burgerim still manages to keep prices affordable. Comparable to other fast food restaurants in Auburn, Burgerim brings bigger flavors, better variety, and the best quality ingredients. Burgers are always prepared fresh and you can taste the difference. It’s just one more way that Burgerim is beating out the competition to dominate the burger scene across the globe.

Get Ready for Opening Day

When Auburn’s new Burgerim opens, foodies are already anticipating big crowds. Previous grand openings in Victorville, Montclair, and Los Angeles have proved to be extremely popular with long lines and lots of satisfied customers. Burgerim’s arrival in Auburn will undoubtedly be a major event, attracting families, curious neighbors, and hard core foodies who want to see what this global sensation is really all about. If you’re dying to sample the burger that has the whole world talking about Burgerim, you won’t have to wait long. The grand opening is right around the corner for the new Auburn location. Stay tuned on Burgerim’s Facebook page for details on how you can get in on the big day and give Burgerim a try for yourself!


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