Burgerim Arrives in Auburn, California

Burgerim logo signifying new franchise location in Auburn, CAPlaces to Eat in Auburn, CA

Comfort food just got better in California with Burgerim’s new Franchise location in Auburn. Do you ever find yourself browsing the web and searching for places to eat in your city? Are you one of those type of foodies that just needs a burger on a Thursday? We, at Burgerim, totally understand you—which is why we have been expanding and serving the best in burgers across the country.

It’s no secret that the hamburger is one of America’s favorite comfort food. But the legendary burger has taken on many forms in the past decade—and has appealed to everyone that’s part of the food scene. Our Burgerim concept of selling more than one burger has creating rave reviews and has taken a personality of itself among the burger lovers and foodies.

Get More Than One Burger

Offering our customers options and variety at a competitive price point is how we appeal to locals. We determined from the on-set that selling “more than one” burger (each burger is 2.8 ounces, and comes with a side of fries and a drink) puts the customer first and gives the customer the option to essentially customize their own unique set of burgers. It’s a philosophy that we apply in every transaction. Selling custom mini burgers on an ultra-hip strip on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles has led to more franchise expansion—in California, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.

Can’t figure out what you want?

Ordering a few mini burgers can get stressful, or not! We have over nine patties to choose from and an endless array of toppings to create the perfect Instagram burger.  

Party Box for Friends to Share

All Burgerim burgers are served in a duo, trio, or party box.  We designed these servings so that they can easily be shared. Each burger can be ordered with different toppings, meats, buns or sauces so sharing is easy. Each meal is served with a side of our signature fries. If you choose Burgerim Auburn as the place to eat you will not be disappointed. Are you planning a night out on the town with friends, come visit the newest Burgerim franchise in California.

Burgerim Will Bring Food Straight to Your Door

Have you ever had a night where cooking seemed impossible? Whether you are coming home tired from a long day at the office or you need to feed your co-workers for a late evening meeting, we can help. Call your local Burgerim restaurant and place your order. We guarantee that your food will arrive piping hot, on time and with no mistakes. The best part of our food delivery is that you get gourmet food at reasonable prices. Who doesn’t love that?

Auburn is a city that’s known for things to do and renowned for hiking trails, beautiful scenic views, and museums. This city is also a great place for real burger foodies. There’s a large number of local folks who enjoy a great burger for lunch or dinner. Get ready for Burgerim’s mouthwatering burgers.


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16861 Ventura Blvd #303
CA 91436