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Calling all entrepreneurs interested in buying a business for sale. Burgerim has become an iconic fast-casual burger brand beloved internationally for its gourmet style, one-of-a-kind mini burgers and dining experience. Burgerim is growing in North America and has recently set-up shop in locations in California, Tennessee, and Texas.

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Owning a well-known and trusted brand are one of the many benefits of taking advantage of opportunities in franchising. Our relationship with the franchisee evolves shoulder to shoulder, because it’s our mission to ensure that the business and the new franchise owner succeeds in the short and long term. You must be an entrepreneur at heart because you’ll be taking prudent risks, connecting with other business owners, and developing relationships with your customers within your local demographic.

Get into one of the Fastest Growing Franchises

Burgerim is a brand that’s proven itself among the business community as one of the best and fastest growing franchise in the restaurant industry. As our brand matures, one of the greatest assets to new owners is a system uniquely tailored to their local demographic. We provide a full service marketing program to cultivate deep relationships with customers. Our unique approach is concentrated to the franchisee running his or her Burgerim restaurant. We conduct a thorough analysis to better understand the demographic; which allows us to to create successful campaigns within the digital space as well as on print, in person, and on other effective communication channels.

Cultivating fruitful campaigns isn’t simple, it’s a process of split-testing and understanding how to essentially appeal to the marketplace. Utilizing a trusted brand helps build loyalty among a local community. As the brand continues to mature and expand to new and exciting territories, it’s appeal will continue to shine on a more exponential level. It’s a critical decision every master franchisor makes, making the important judgment on who can join the Burgerim family of franchisees.

Franchising in 2017 with Burgerim

The exciting world of franchising is a culture infused with support, passion, creativity, risk, and success. Choosing to franchise a brand requires one to do thorough homework and understand the process, so that they feel comfortable as the development continues to be built out. A franchisee is always on the lookout for a cutting edge business opportunity that may yield astounding financial results. A solid mind frame, a can-do attitude, and a strong determination to do well are important factors for the well-being of a profitable business.

Burgerim’s franchise system is uniquely engineered for the franchisees in mind. Every franchisee is irreplaceable and brings a certain wonderful quality to the Burgerim business tapestry. Whether a franchisee has experience serving our Country (veteran), has earned an MBA (Masters in Business), or made the choice early on in his/her career to be an entrepreneur, owning a Burgerim burger franchise brings a lot to the table.

The Best Franchise Opportunity in America

The burger is considered the one type of meal most consumers don’t think twice about ordering. It’s known as the best sandwich of choice, and it’s a sure thing to make your lunch (or dinner) a great one! Owning one of the hottest burger franchises in America is a no brainer. Seeking the best franchise opportunity does not have to be a stressful experience. Scheduling a consultation with a franchise director will answer all of your important questions and explain in finer details the process of franchising. To learn more about franchising a Burgerim restaurant, complete our franchise form at and a director will be contacting you shortly.


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