Creative Burger Combinations

Mini burgers allow options for all at Burger Restaurant FranchiseBurgers Without the Big Burger Commitment

So, what are you? Are you super-hungry, or just regular hungry? Being in a convenience-food-driven culture means, as much as you’ve noticed, that there is an abundance of options. Unfortunately, we are equipped with one, quickly-filled stomach. What do we do when we want so much, but hold so little? Burgers are really the only logical solution: you get as much as you can of whatever you want. With fries and a drink, you’ll be squared away for some time, but let’s not pretend that mealtime only comes once in a lifetime. Heading to Burgerim for your lunchtime needs is practical, mostly because of the huge variety of great options, but also because it’s delicious. You can create your own flavor and texture mix all day, but there also some cool and tasty suggestions that fanatics swear by. Good thing we get hungry several times per day.

Straight-Up V-Burger

Onto your burger goes a veggie patty, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, and sauteed mushroom. Add grilled onion if you can, but get ready for a massive flavor explosion! A homemade lentil patty, minus the typical allergens, soy and gluten, with all of the buttery goodness of avocado, and the healthy fats therein. The pineapple and sauteed mushrooms give you an extra sweet/tangy punch with a slightly salty top for anyone that thinks that vegans and vegetarians have no fun.

Happy Brain

Protein is one of the building blocks of life, but the type of protein that you’re inhaling between two buns matters. With a salmon patty and egg topping, you’re using your mouth to help your brain, and your muscles. Salmon contains brain, heart, and joint–healthy Omega 3s; and like the egg, plenty of protein. Add avocado for a huge nutritional boost. Add avocado because it tastes good. Name a reason NOT to add avocado. Avocado.  

Viva Desayuno

Did you miss breakfast? Not for long. Burgerim has a Spanish beef, chorizo-flavored patty. ‘Viva Desayuno,’ Spanish for, ‘Long Live Breakfast,’ perfectly illustrates a burger with a Spanish beef patty, egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese. You’d totally have an omelette if you could, but this combination leaves nothing further to be desired.

Americana Classico

Sometimes what we crave is something familiar, something safe, something close to home. When breakfast-on-a-bun isn’t what we’re in the mood for, a traditional American hamburger will always be there for you. Just ask for a beef patty, with bacon, onion, and american cheese to be transported…nowhere. You don’t want to go anywhere, or you would not have ordered an American cheeseburger.

Bourgeois Bestie

We all have that one friend with the designer stuff that doesn’t wash their own car, and doesn’t use public restrooms. Though the peasants of France revolted against the bourgeois in the 18th century, for some reason, we’re still feeding them. For your friend that can’t be bothered with out-of-season clothes, a burger with a fine lamb patty, sweet and tangy pineapple, and onions with all of the roughage grilled out for a tender palette. Let them eat burgers.  


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