Cypress Welcomes New Burger Joint

Zesty Looking Burgers with Many Toppings Representing New Burger Restaurant in Cypress, TexasCypress, Texas is Home to a New Burger Restaurant

There’s a new burger joint in Cypress, Texas that you don’t want to miss. It’s called Burgerim and it’s not like any other place in the city. If you’re looking for a completely unique experience with some of the best burgers and fries in Cypress, this is the place to visit.

Since the beginning, Burgerim has built a business on the foundation of burgers and an “Always More than One” concept. Now Cypress customers can stop in and order the world famous burgers that come in a duo, trio, or party box. Burgerim burgers are fully customizable in 10 flavors including lamb, turkey, and salmon. There are endless toppings and sauces so you can build the perfect burger bite. Great burgers aren’t the only thing you’ll enjoy when you step into Burgerim Cypress. They also provide you with a clean, comfortable environment and friendly service. You’re free to dine in or order take out. Burgerim even offers delivery!

Need an Excuse to Try Burgerim?

Yes, there are lots of dining options available in Cypress, but you’ll find that few provide you with the same versatility you’ll come to enjoy from Burgerim. There really isn’t any situation when the burgers don’t perfectly suit your needs.

Game Nights

Whether you and your buddies want to stay out and catch the big game or decide to have a get together at your house, you’ll find Burgerim is the perfect dining choice. The burgers go great with a cold beer, are large enough to fill you and your friends up, without being so big that you feel full and sleepy and end up missing the game’s conclusion. There are plenty of choices available so everyone can have something they love to eat, plus the low prices suit every budget. On game days in Cypress, Burgerim is a hub for passionate Texans fans. Stop in and watch the game at Burgerim while you chow down on burgers and order our best local beers.

Date Night, Family Night, Any Night

Sometimes you and your partner want to go out, but you don’t want to spend a small fortune. On those nights, Burgerim hits the spot. You’ll find that the Cypress location provides a comfortable place where you can talk, people watch, and simply enjoy being out of the house, while the low prices don’t strain your budget. Others find that Burgerim’s is perfect for family nights out, grabbing something quick to eat while working late, and a great place to pick up gourmet burgers for a family dinner before driving home from work. There really isn’t a single occasion that isn’t improved with the addition of a Burgerim burger slider.

The Dreaded First Date

Choosing a location for a first date is always tricky. You don’t want to go anywhere to fancy or intimate. You don’t want to drop half your paycheck on a meal when you don’t know if the relationship is going to go anywhere, and you want to choose somewhere that’s comfortable. You’ll find that Burgerim meets your needs perfectly. It’s casual, fun, and friendly.

Plus, you have an instant conversation starter as you comb over the menu and create unique burger combinations. For some extra fun, try building burgers in strange combinations to try together. It won’t take long before you and your new date are laughing over some silly burger creations and you might even discover a new favorite.

Business Meetings

Sometimes it’s good to mix things up and have business meetings in a casual environment. Burgerim is frequently a hot spot for lunch meetings for Cypress businesses. Everyone can come in and build their duo or trio the way they want it and then settle around the table to talk business over good food. The modern, casual décor is perfect for business meetings and the delicious food puts everyone in a better mood before you talk through sticky policies or office dynamics.

Visit Today!

Burgerim is rapidly becoming one of Cypress’s favorite burger joints. It provides the convenience and fun of traditional fast food, while simultaneously providing customers with food that’s higher quality and more customizable than what they’d find at any other fast food stop in the city. You don’t have to take our word for it. Stop in and gain first-hand knowledge of how great a burger Burgerim prepares. You’ll be glad you did.


+1 (818) 650-8307

16861 Ventura Blvd #303
CA 91436