Don’t Miss Game Day at Burgerim

Friends Gathering at Burgerim Burger Restaurant for GamedayThis is a great time of the year to be a sports fan. Sure, baseball season has just wrapped up, but you can still enjoy hockey, basketball, and football. It’s that perfect season when there’s literally a game on every single night of the week. The only problem is trying to find a great place where you can hang out with your friends while watching the game. This year, we urge you to stop in at Burgerim and enjoy good food, great company, and a laid back place to catch all your favorite games.  

There’s Room for Everyone

When you decide to make Burgerim your regular hangout on game night, you won’t have to pick and choose which friends to invite to the festivities because there’s plenty of room for everyone. Invite as many people as you like. Not only will having all your buddies gathered in one place spare you the aggravation of trying to decide who to invite and who to exclude, but you’ll find that having all of your favorite people gathered in one location increases the amount of fun you have while watching the game.

No Mess to Contend With

Game nights at your place can be a lot of fun, but once the game is over and all your friends have said good night, you still have to deal with what’s often a huge mess. It tends to take some of the glow off the otherwise spectacular evening. When you arrange to have game night at Burgerim, the mess becomes our problem. We’re happy to wash the dishes, deal with the remaining food, vacuum, and put the room back together after you and your cronies call it a night. Since we’re dealing with the mess, you’re free to kick back and reflect on how much fun you had and to start planning your next game night celebration.

Food Everyone Loves

Burgerim’s mini burgers are the perfect food for game days. Whether your pals like a thick beef burger, a lighter veggie burger, or a fresh salmon burger, you’ll find all of those options at Burgerim made to order. Mix and match toppings, buns, and sauces to create mini burgers that are unique for everyone in your party. Swing for the party box and you’ll have enough burgers to feed the whole crowd.

You’ll Save Money and Time

The biggest headache connected to hosting game day parties is budgeting. Sure, a couple bags of chips won’t cost all that much, but when you add in dip, pretzels, burgers, beer, and all the toppings that burgers need, the expense accumulates rapidly. When you stop and really think about how much money you spent on your last, at home, game day get together, you’ll realize that meeting at Burgerim is better for your wallet.

No Prep Work Involved

We promise, that when you walk into a Burgerim restaurant, everything will be set up and ready to rock. All you have to is grab a chair and place your order. This saves you the hours that you previously spent setting up furniture, prepping food, and shopping for supplies. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about running out of anything, whatever you and your friends want, if it’s on our menu, we’ll keep it coming!

The Perfect Place to Watch This Year’s Big Game

The moment you walk into your nearest Burgerim, you’ll know it’s the perfect place for a game day celebration. There’s nothing you could possibly want that we don’t already have set up. The establishment has plenty of big TV’s with solid sound systems so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a single play. We’ve worked hard to keep our prices budget friendly so that all of your sports loving buddies can take part in the night out. Our modern, casual decor provides a relaxing atmosphere, while a member of our friendly, well-trained staff will always be close at hand, ready to take your order or fetch you a fresh beer.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to host this year’s big game day party, skip the headache and invite your friends to meet up at Burgerim. With good food at great prices, it’s the go to place for watching this year’s biggest sporting events. Stop in tonight and catch your favorite team in action!


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