Downtown L.A. is Home to the Newest Burgerim

The very first Burgerim restaurant opened its doors in 2016 in Los Angeles (on the corner of melrose and western). Since the first customers got a taste of the company’s trademark, gourmet burgers, they’ve been clamoring for more. The company listened to the demand and turned itself into a franchise. Today, Burgerim has the distinction of being one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States. Very soon a brand new Burgerim location will open its doors in downtown Los Angeles, which is good news for anyone who works and shops in the area.

Burgerim’s One of a Kind Burger Concept

Burgerim isn’t like any other burger joint you’ve ever dined at before. There are a few things that set it apart from the competition.  Not only does Burgerim specialize in 2.8-ounce burgers, they also make sure that each burger is made out of the highest quality ingredients, invite customers to get truly creative with their orders, and have some of the best customer service you’ll ever encounter.

Every single member of the Burgerim team is focused on one goal: providing each customer with a great tasting meal at an economical price. To accomplish this goal, the Burgerim management team remains committed to choosing top quality ingredients, making sure each burger is perfectly prepared, and not taking any short cuts when it comes to training the staff. As a result of the effort Burgerim puts forth, the Downtown Los Angeles location will be the perfect choice for family outings, breaks from shopping extravaganzas, hanging out with friends, and date nights.

The Downtown L.A.’s Burgerim menu will include 11 different types of burger patties. The choices include salmon, falafel, lamb, multiple types of beef, and even a veggie burger patty. The choices don’t stop with the burger patties, you’ll also enjoy numerous toppings. When you visit the Downtown L.A. Burgerim, you’ll enjoy more than 100 different burger combinations.

While most customers order burgers, that’s not your only option. The menu also contains wraps, salads, starters, and some amazing desserts.

Feed a Crowd

One of the great things that the Downtown Los Angeles Burgerim does is making it easy to feed a large group of your friends, family, or coworkers. All you have to do is order one or two of Burgerim’s famous 16-burger party packs. The party packs are an excellent way to treat a crowd.

When you decide to dine on Burgerim you can choose to dine in, get take out, or have the order delivered to your door.

If you’re one of the hardworking L.A. police officers, EMTs, or firefighters, you’ll be delighted to know that dining at the Downtown Burgerim has gotten even more affordable. To say thank you for all you do for the city, Burgerim has created a 50% discount for all service employees. The only thing you have to do is wear your uniform when you walk into the restaurant.

You’ll find the Downtown L.A. Burgerim at 605 W. 7th Street Los Angeles CA 90017.


+1 (818) 650-8307

16861 Ventura Blvd #303
CA 91436