Exciting New Concept in Burgers Coming to Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills residents are preparing themselves for the arrival of a completely fresh concept in convenient family dining.  While other fast food chains are locked into one or two items and a handful of toppings, the newest Beverly Hill’s Burgerim menu features a seemingly limitless selection of food choices, making it perfect for large groups of people who have a wide variety of tastes and dietary needs.

Unconventional Menu

The Burgerim franchise built its entire concept around the idea that just because food is served in a fast food setting, there’s no reason it has to be boring or low quality. To keep things interesting, Burgerim has a wide selection of burger patties, sauces, and toppings on their menu. While they’re best known for their burgers, while you’re there, you can also choose to order salads, wings, wraps, and desserts.

Burger patty selection includes:

  • Spanish beef
  • Wagyu beef
  • Dry Aged Beef
  • Merguez (Spicy Beef)
  • Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Veggie
  • Lamb
  • Falafel

Topping selection includes:

  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Bleu Cheese
  • Mustard
  • BBQ Sauce
  • House Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Mayo
  • Bacon
  • Avocado
  • Sautéed Mushrooms
  • Jalapeños
  • Lettuce
  • Fried Egg
  • Grilled Onions
  • Mixed Greens

Are you on a special diet? No problem? The Burgerim menu is designed in such a way that even if you’re a vegetarian, or vegan, you’ll find something delicious to eat. It’s possible to create over a hundred different food combinations!

The creators of Burgerim as extremely picky about the food they serve. They refuse to provide their customers with anything but the best. Franchise managers work closely with suppliers and carefully choose the highest quality ingredients. What the Burgerim staff rejects, other franchises are happy to serve.

Between the wide selection of food choices and the quality of each patty Burgerim serves, it’s easy to see that this particular franchise is in the process of completely changing the way we think about fast food burgers.

Large Crowds Welcome

Another thing that sets Burgerim apart from other Beverly Hills fast food burger options is that not only is there plenty of space to accommodate large families and groups of friends, but thanks to the 16-burger pack that Burgerim sells, feeding everyone is incredibly easy. Want to treat your entire office staff to a great meal without leaving the office? No problem! Just order one or two 16 packs to go.

Coming to Beverly Hills

It won’t be long before this newest Burgerim is ready to take your order. You’ll find this Beverly Hills Burgerim at 250 S. Beverly Drive, Ste A. Beverly Hills, CA 90212 near the Urth Caffe.


+1 (818) 650-8307

16861 Ventura Blvd #303
CA 91436