Five Creative Ways to Spend Your Lunch Hour in Los Angeles

Coworkers enjoying their lunchbreak together at a burger restaurant.Ideas for Your Next Lunch Break

Most professionals will agree that it is never a good idea to skip your lunch hour.  When you are starting a career or knee deep in a big project it can be tempting to skip lunch and simply keep working. This is a very bad idea for many different reasons. First you are likely to develop unhealthy eating habits such as eating a candy bar or drinking a sugar filled drink out of convenience or time. If you work indoors when you skip your lunch you will go an entire day without seeing any natural sunlight. This may negatively impact your mood at work and at home. There is a reason employers offer a thirty minute to one-hour lunch break, to give you a break mentally and physically. Be creative with how you spend this one hour of free time, you won’t regret it!

Hit the Gym

Now this can be tricky because who wants to go back to work sweaty after a workout.  If you don’t work close enough to a gym where you can get a quick workout, then shower there are other options.  Many offices are now starting to make places available for yoga or meditation in the building.  A quick yoga workout could help inspire better work and production. Taking a brisk walk is another way to spend your lunch hour to decompress and refresh your day.  

Schedule a Lunch Date

This sounds obvious, but is a great way to spend your lunch.  If you work in an office with other people, try asking a different person to lunch each time. You will get to know your coworkers better and gain valuable relationships in the office. Another option is to schedule a group lunch at a favorite restaurant or get a group together and order in to spend time with your friends without ever leaving the office. If you aren’t interested in dining with your coworkers, many people are choosing to join lunch networks.  “Let’s Lunch and “” are just two possibilities. These websites are built to connect people with other people close to their locations. They are a fun way to get to know other people and gain valuable networking for your career. Remember to always meet in a public place so safety isn’t a concern.  

Play a Game on Your Phone

When you don’t want to have to deal with entertaining other people, another great idea is to find a quiet place and play a game on your phone.  All smartphones offer many different games to take your attention off your stressful day for a short amount of time. This could also be a good time to relax and catch up on personal emails or phone calls that need some attention.  

Read a Book

The pressures of family and career leaves little time to settle into a good book. Your lunch hour gives the perfect amount of time to catch up on some reading. It will distract your mind from stress and let you escape into a world of fiction.  

Don’t Forget Lunch!

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