Get the Tools You Need to Succeed with Franchise Opportunities in California

Burger Franchise Opportunities in California are BoomingHow We Help Our Franchisees Succeed

Have you always had a passion for owning a small business, but the risk seemed too high? If that sounds like you, then owning a franchise might be the opportunity you have been waiting on. Currently Burgerim is accepting applications for new franchise owners in California. Owning a franchise carries only a small amount of risk when compared to a traditional business model. It allows for you to be your own boss, but still have the protection and guidance from Burgerim’s corporate offices. While franchise ownership takes many hours of hard work, the payoff can be tremendous.

Burgerim’s Recipe for Success

When you think of fast food, often the thought of a ridged menu with unhealthy food comes to mind. Burgerim promotes a completely new concept of the age-old food icon, the burger. Our trendsetter is the mini burger which is slightly larger than a traditional slider. The mini burgers are served in a Duo, Trio or Party Box. We offer a wide variety of meat that is sure to please the whole family. Our options range from lamb or turkey to many different beef options. For healthy eaters Burgerim offers a veggie burger and gluten free options. Once you add your toppings and sauces you will have the perfect Burgerim burger. Our menu gives such a large variety that each burger can be made differently; the options are endless at Burgerim. When you purchase one of our franchise’s you are essentially buying our business model and brand. The advantage is that the business model is already proven to be successful.

We Offer Financing!

The first step in purchasing a franchise is to pay the initial investment fee. Often this is a large lump sum of money. Burgerim initial investment fee is very low when compared to other franchises, however this can still be a huge problem for some people. Our corporate offices have found a solution. They offer financing for potential owners, despite their credit history.

Marketing Experts

Good marketing is essential when launching any new business. Yes, franchise owners are buying a ready-made brand, but it will still need to be advertised to the local community. When you become part of the Burgerim franchise family our corporate marketing team will help you through the entire process, ensuring you have success. Our teams have successfully helped owners launch over 160 franchises around the world.

No Experience Necessary

If you are interested in owning a Burgerim franchise in California, no experience is necessary. At Burgerim we don’t ask that our owners have a degree of any kind, or any management experience. Once you purchase the franchise we provide all the training you will need to be successful. Our goal is to simplify the process, and to make franchise ownership available to anyone willing to work hard.

Training at Corporate

Burgerim is unlike many other companies because they provide through training to all new franchise owners. If you are thinking of buying a franchise in California it is a great idea to talk to other Burgerim owners to gain insight from their experience. This could be a great way to calm some of your fears. Our franchise owners have around the clock access to our corporate offices, access to our prescreened food suppliers, and help from our marketing team. Our goal is for our franchise owners to run a thriving restaurant and further the Burgerim brand. We will train you so that you know exactly what the daily operations will look like for your Burgerim. As you begin to hire staff, we will teach you team building so that you have a hard working, well trained group! When questions come up, give us a call and we will help! We have seminars to improve your Burgerim once it has been in business for a while. The help from our corporate offices never stop.

Is Franchise Ownership Right for You?

Before deciding to buy into any franchise it is wise to take time and research all the details. Launching a new franchise will take months of hard work and dedication. Most owners are required to be very hands on, at least in the beginning. Franchise ownership is lower risk, but is not void of all risk. It is always a great idea to talk to other owners in the area and ask many questions, such as what they would do differently or what they would do the same. The more prepared you are before buying a franchise the more likely you are to success. Don’t spend one more day in a dead-end job, call Burgerim or complete the contact form and get started on your application!


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