Glendale Gears Up for Arrival of World-Famous Burgers

Burgerim is Bringing Burgers to Glendale

Glendale is a place where people know good food. Just eight miles north of downtown Los Angeles, this city is just a short distance from restaurants featuring every imaginable culinary treat. Whether you’re craving lamb kebabs, fish tacos, or a classic sub sandwich, it’s just steps away in Glendale. Now the city’s food lovers are gearing up to welcome the arrival of the world’s most popular burger franchise. With a new Burgerim location set to open up in Glendale soon, people can’t wait to try the burgers that have received rave reviews around the world.

Burgerim first grabbed the world’s attention in 2011 when the original location debuted . Based on a fresh concept of customizable burgers, Burgerim offers customers 11 burger patties, 3 bun choices, and dozens of toppings. Hungry burger lovers can mix and match to make bite size burgers in thousands of customized varieties. Think spicy beef topped with cheddar and jalapeños or lamb topped with Swiss and caramelized onions. The options are endless and every bite of burger is unique. Plus, you can finish it off with a side of Burgerim’s famous house fries.

Best Place to Eat in Glendale

Glendale’s restaurant scene is already diverse, but Burgerim will add a new flavor as the first to offer burgers. In a community known for its fun, modern vibe, Burgerim Glendale will be a perfect fit for its new neighborhood. In 2013, named Glendale as LA’s Neighborhood of the Year. Since then, interest in the community has grown and foodies have enjoyed a steady stream of new restaurants to explore.

Burgerim promises something different with a focus on quality ingredients. In a neighborhood where fresh is always best, this is sure to be a draw to many locals. The downtown Glendale Farmers Market draws a crowd every Thursday, proving that people appreciate locally sourced ingredients that are farm to table fresh. Burgerim takes this concept to a whole new level. By offering these fresh local ingredients in a fast food setting, the restaurant will manage to give the best of both worlds: convenience and quality ingredients.

Fast Casual Restaurants Just Got Better in Glendale, CA

Glendale’s current fast food scene leaves a lot to be desired. Most fast food joints offer the same greasy fare, but they stay in business because they offer quick meals for busy families who need to feed hungry kids on the way to ball practice or music lessons after school. Burgerim will provide a new option (fast casual), perfect for busy families in Glendale. Kids will love the customizable burgers and parents will love that the food is fast, fresh, and affordable.

For those who aren’t big fans of beef, Burgerim offers turkey, chicken, salmon, and veggie burgers. There is also an eclectic menu featuring a variety of salads, sandwiches, and the always popular chicken wings. The new Glendale Burgerim will also offer delivery options for businesses or families who need food on the go.

If you’re a hungry Glendale resident who has been dying to try the famous Burgerim burgers, stay tuned because the grand opening is right around the corner. We’ll keep you posted on the hottest new restaurant to hit the streets of Glendale and all the details of when you can try the  burgers for yourself.


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