Great Burgers Coming to Antioch

burger restaurant antioch

Anyone who has been craving a great burger will be delighted to learn that plans are afoot to open a Burgerim right here in Antioch.

What You’ll Get from Burgerim

The Antioch Burgerim will provide customers with the same unique, highly satisfying, great tasting experience the chain has become famous for. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to visit a Burgerim, you’ll quickly fall in love with the outstanding customer service, high quality burgers, and fun, laid back atmosphere the Antioch Burgerim will provide.

While there are several things that set Burgerim apart from all other burger franchises, the difference most people spot right off the bat is the burgers themselves. While other chains keep making their burgers bigger, Burgerim specializes in smaller, 2.8-ounce patties. They refuse to use anything but the highest quality ingredients which means that every single bite is bursting with flavor.

Since the franchise’s inception, Burgerim has made it easy for customers to celebrate their uniqueness. It’s the only restaurant franchise in the United States that has a selection of 11 different burger patties, delicious buns, and multiple toppings. You can visit the Antioch Burgerim every single day of the week and enjoy something completely different during each visit. For those with special dietary needs, there are vegetarian options.

The burgers are served in different combo packs. You’re free to eat all the burgers in the combo or to share it with a friend. The set up is perfect for families that have multiple small children or for get togethers with friends or co-workers.

The Atmosphere

A great deal of thought and planning has gone into creating the Antioch Burgerim. The idea was to create an easy to manage restaurant that’s comfortable for the entire family. The design provides plenty of seating, welcomes young children, and is a perfect place when you just want to kick back and hang out for a few hours.

The cherry on the top of the Antioch Burgerim experience is the staff. Each member of the Burgerim family is highly trained and dedicated to making sure each guest enjoys a high-class experience.

Visiting the Antioch Burgerim

The Williamson Ranch Shopping Center is proud to be hosting the Antioch Burgerim. The franchise is extremely excited to be a part of this pretty shopping center and the management is looking forward to getting to know their fellow shop owners. The address for the newest member of the Burgerim franchise is 4859 Lone Tree Way.


+1 (818) 650-8307

16861 Ventura Blvd #303
CA 91436