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Guide to Gourmet Burgers: The Egg

Guide to Gourmet Burgers: The Egg

Why Putting An Egg on Everything Makes It Better

Eggs Used to Garnish Gourmet Burgers

If you’ve been to a restaurant in the last few years, you might have noticed the menu featured at least one dish finished with an egg. Chef’s everywhere are hopping on the egg trend and are now putting eggs on everything. This food trend has become so popular that egg themed concept restaurants are popping up around the world like Los Angeles’s Egg Slut and London’s Bad Egg.

Eggs Are Good For You

For an extended amount of time, eggs were vilified for raising cholesterol levels and causing heart disease. In recent years they are increasingly being exonerated as new studies report absolutely no association between eating eggs and increasing heart problems.

In fact, eggs are really good for you. Eggs are a great source of protein, good fats, vitamins, and other nutrients your body needs. While the egg yolk has most of the vitamins and nutrients, the egg white consists of mostly proteins. There are vitamins in eggs that help your brain function, protect your eyes, and aid nutrient absorption.

They Make an Eggcellent Garnish

When you cook an egg at home, normally you are going to eat it as the main course of your meal. Scrambled eggs and fried eggs are two breakfast staples that feature eggs and offer toast, bacon, and fruit on the side. Well, now that’s all changing. Eggs are no longer the focus of the meal and have become a garnish in most gourmet dining locations.

Eggs are now put on everything, and for a good reason. Putting a fried egg on any number of dishes increases the creaminess and rich flavors. Whether you order pizza or a hamburger there is often egg resting on top with its yolk ready to run all over everything. Some of the most popular dishes to include eggs are pizza, sandwiches, salads, french fries, and a number of noodle dishes. Eggs are now often included with add on menu items like bacon or avocados.

With all the egg-craze, it shouldn’t come as a shock that eggs have made their way onto the hamburger patties of gourmet burgers. Either on a towering stack of fine cheese, grilled onions, bacon, aioli, and truffle fries or a classic cheeseburger including an egg on your burger is a surefire way to make any burger gourmet.

It’s Been Done For Centuries

Despite recent claims of an egg revolution, this egg trend isn’t as original as it’s cracked up to be. Around the world people have been garnishing their dishes with eggs forever. It is standard for most asian noodle dishes to come with a soft boiled egg and in australia their classic burger comes with pineapple, beets, and an egg.

While the egg themed restaurants are definitely a fad, garnishing dishes with eggs has historical proof to prove its merits.

Crafting the Perfect Gourmet Burgers

If you are ever ordering a burger, be sure to include a fried egg to make even an ordinary meal gourmet. Many restaurants now have this as an add-on option if it’s not already included on the dish.

That’s why we let you build your own burgers. We let you pick your own bun, patty, sauces, and toppings so you can build a burger you’ll like but can also try out the latest food trends. Our burgers are small, so you can eat more than one. Having more than one means you can satisfy all your flavor cravings and food fad needs. One burger could have pineapple, another a fried egg, and the last simply cheese.

Next time you order a burger, make sure it has an egg on it.