How to Up the Nutritional Value of Your Gourmet Burger

Many additional toppings on burger to make it healthierGourmet Burgers Are Good for You

Okay, maybe not exactly, but they are definitely good for your soul, and can be better for you than highly-processed meat eateries. Most gourmet burger places (including Burgerim!) boast about getting their high-quality meats and cheeses from ethical sources that keep their animals happy, which helps keep you super-healthy.


Avocado is a well-known nutritional goody bag. Packed with healthy fats, fiber, potassium, AND Vitamins C and B-6, there isn’t much wrong you could do in adding this to your burger. Making an already delicious meal even more delicious pays off for you in the best way possible. Avocado is so good for you, the oil is used as both a cooking oil and to moisturize skin, and you can make an awesome smoothie with huge amounts of the green tree fruit. Need a pick-me-up for dry, frizzy hair? Avocado, blended with coconut milk. Boom!


Yet another great source of extra good stuff for you to add to your gourmet burger, eggs have been topping burgers for decades, and have never disappointed. Versatile, and just plain tasty, the distinct flavor that a fried egg brings to any sandwich is stellar, but they really compliment burgers. Eggs have great quality protein, vitamins D and B-12, and some of them even have Omega-3s for a hard-workin’ noggin! Like avocado, you can whip one into some mayo for a healthy hair mask, and watch your silky self glow. Who says food is better when eaten?


Fun and tropical, pineapple takes a gourmet burger to another level for those of us that love the delicious mad matrimony of sweet and salty. Pineapple is a citrus fruit, and like all citrus fruits, pineapple has a motherload of Vitamin C for energy and an immune system punch, fiber for a healthy gut, and a shot of sugar to get you going. Juicy, sweet, and tart, pineapples are usually sliced to retain their natural round shape – probably because ancient peoples knew that pineapple really belonged on burgers.


Oh, onion, how do we love thee? You are are strong and pungent when pulled from the ground, but sweet and soft with a little heat. You’re a great source of fiber, Vitamin C, and have a little protein. Just a little of you makes food a little healthier, so we can feel better about the flourless chocolate cake we’ll have after our burgers. Oh, onion, please don’t ever change.

Veggie Patty

COME ON. You know your mom always told you to eat your veggies, and you know perfectly well why she told you to do that! Granted, when Boca Burgers first emerged on the mass market in the 90s, they weren’t exactly a crowd-pleaser, but we’re past that. Today, house-made veggie patties have all the flavor you’re looking for with meat, but have sky-high fiber content to help keep those arteries clean. Give’em a try with a little signature sauce, and you may well find yourself in love.

Eat Well, Eat Right, Eat Gourmet

How beautiful would the world be if we were all perfectly healthy? Cool, probably, but that’s not happening, so just grab a wholesome source of fuel, pile on the fruits and veggies, and enjoy!


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