Las Vegas Looks for Fresh Ways to Attract Millennials

Las Vegas Strip Skyline representing new fast food gourmet burger restaurants opening upIn Sin City, you expect to find flashy signs, crowded casinos, and exquisite restaurants offering high end food. But in 2017, Las Vegas is evolving with the goal of luring in Millennials who are looking for something different when they roll into town. For a generation that is focused on fast-paced, affordable, and tech-savvy lifestyles, Vegas is making some changes to include things like bunk beds, yoga classes, selfie-friendly photo ops, and mini-burgers.

According to Forbes, one of the biggest changes is happening at Caesars LINQ Casino Resort. The redesigned hotspot now features twelve bunk bedrooms to give groups of friends a place to stay that is both affordable and fun. Caesars announced the changes by saying, “Known as the social hub for trendsetters, the LINQ Hotel & Casino will take its innovative experiences to a new level by offering bunk bed rooms with hip technology and chic décor, making this an unforgettable experience for millennials and modern travelers. This will be a first for Las Vegas visitors and offers guests the chance to bunk with four of their Strip sidekicks.”

Another big change is coming through the LINQ Promenade. This is an open-air mall where Vegas tourists can shop, hit up bars for happy hour, and take in a variety of attractions. The Promenade’s High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel and in order to target millennials, it will now feature “Happy Half Hours” and even yoga classes focused on attracting a younger crowd.

If you go a little further down the strip, you’ll find that MGM Resorts is also making some changes to accommodate younger tourists. At “The Park”, you’ll find communal picnic tables and the new Beerhaus where visitors can choose from a hundred craft beer options in a big industrial warehouse setting. While beers are sampled, people can also mingle and play games like Connect Four and Jenga. It’s a strange concept for some Baby Boomers, but the new generation of Vegas tourists love it.

Over at Wynn Las Vegas, management recently announced plans to equip all of the 4,748 hotel rooms with Amazon’s voice controlled Echo. For the 20-something crowd that loves technology, this is expected to be a major hit. Technology is also a major attraction at the Venetian/Palazzo Casino where a new lounge offers places to charge up your phone, use free Wi-Fi or take a break from the casino scene to snap some selfies.

The food scene is also changing in Sin City, targeting a younger audience with fast food options made from gourmet ingredients. According to the latest food news from Vegas, Burgerim is expected to launch a new franchise location in Sin City this year, giving tourists a place to experiment with hundreds of customized mini-burger creations. Burgerim is a worldwide sensation and has quickly garnered rave reviews online and through social media. The young foodie scene will be particularly excited about this new addition to the Las Vegas restaurant options.


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