Life or Death Burger Situations

Burgers are great for any quick meal to grab at a burger restaurantBurger Emergencies Happen Everyday

Burger emergencies are no laughing matter, but they may cause outsiders to chuckle, chortle, snicker, and scoff. Hopefully this doesn’t come from anyone you consider a friend. It’s not nice to laugh during a burger emergency. Sometimes, you have to have what you have to have. If what you have to have is a burger, and you’re not close to getting one, this is an emergency, and you need help. Fortunately, there is a solution: just have your burger delivered. You may not get a tall guy in dark blue, but you will take care of that crazy craving that never should have happened to a well-prepared burger lover like yourself.

Late Night Study Session

You went from class to the library. From the library to your dorm. From the dorm to the cafe. From the cafe to the late-night cafe. It’s crazy late. You’re exhausted. You can’t move a muscle after you’ve got a beer in hand. If you don’t get a burger, you just might croak. That’s when you remember, by the grace of the big man in the sky, you can order mini burgers right to your front door. You’ve just saved your life, and a whole lot of head-shaking from your mom. Less than an hour later, what you’ve got are three beautiful mini burgers and a cold one to wash them down. You tell everyone about your brush with death, and the ones who don’t ignore you start ordering, too. Before you know it, you’re a trendsetter.

Dinner Delay

Your spouse said, very specifically, that dinner would be ready by 7. It’s 7:15, and you officially regret going to the gym. Why, oh, why did you have to do cardio TONIGHT, when you knew dinner would be late because your spouse said that it would be early? That’s about the time you remember, ‘Oh yeah – Burgerim was there for me when no other burger delivery was, and I don’t have to starve like a penguin in a Texas summer!’ You load up with two Merguez – Egg – Avocado mini burgers, and wouldn’t you know? Your spouse wants the other one! With a mini burger in your tummy, and a smile on your face, your patience and happiness magically returns, and you even help finish dinner. You went from victim to hero, my friend, and you owe it to a mini burger delivery to your front door.

All-Day Meetings

Don’t worry – all day meetings have already been suggested as a way of dealing with espionage agents. As long and treacherous as all-day meetings are on the mind, body, and soul, there are some companies so very mean, they don’t even give you lunch! If this is you, it’s probably already been reported to the FBI’s criminal investigation department. While you’re waiting for the paperwork to process, you’ve got to sit in traffic, get home, change – that’s way too much to handle on a burgerless stomach. Order your mini burgers when you leave, and they’ll meet you at home. There is enough suffering in the world. Don’t go without mini burgers.


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