New Burgerim Franchise Now Open in Victorville

Burgerim has arrived in Victorville, California. Join us to customize a set of gourmet mini burgers.Burgerim is Officially Open in Victorville

Burgerim is the newest burger joint that is sweeping the nation. The hamburger has been considered a food icon for decades. However, in recent years’ fast food has trampled the authenticity of this all-American food. When you think of a typical fast food burger the first thought is often a burger filled with preservatives and little taste. Also, fast food restaurants always have a standard menu with each burger having little variety. One major draw to fast food is that you can rush through a drive through, grab your standard meal and feed an entire family for a cheap price. Burgerim has developed a completely different concept that is changing the way people are looking at fast food. You can now enjoy a Burgerim in Victorville, CA.

How It All Began

The first Burgerim restaurant was launched in 2011 in the hopes of improving the reputation of the traditional burger. Soon after this restaurant sweeping success over 80 more Burgerim franchises were launched around the world. Burgerim places value on its customers by providing stellar service and a clean dine in environment.

Victorville’s Best Burgers

The concept behind these mini master pieces is simple. All Burgerim burgers are served in a “mini” burger that is slightly larger than a traditional slider. Customers can order our mini burgers in a duo, trio, or party box of sixteen. The beauty of Burgerim is that each pint-sized burger can be made differently so that each bite gives you a new sensation of taste. Burgerim offers a variety of meats including Wagyu beef, lamb, chicken, salmon and many more. We also offer a veggie burger for our healthy eaters. It’s time to come visit our newest franchise in Victorville!

Toppings, Buns and Sauces… Oh My!

The variety doesn’t stop at the meat for Burgerim’s customers. We offer a variety of toppings such as mushrooms, onions, sunny side up eggs, Avocado, pineapple, bacon, and American cheese. At Burgerim we encourage our customers to make each burger different. To finish off your burger we offer three different buns and six sauces. With all these choices, the different combinations for our burgers are endless. Each of our meals is complimented by a side of Burgerim fries.

Affordable Food

At Burgerim our goal is to serve gourmet burgers at reasonable prices so that the entire family can enjoy our food. Burgerim offers a kids meal for the smallest member of your family. With us you will get fast food prices and stellar food.

Delivery When You Need It

The temptation to grab fast food usually stems from the need for a quick meal to feed your family. Burgerim offers food delivery to your home or office. We understand that some days cooking is not an option. Whether you need to feed your staff during a long meeting or you need to feed your family after a long day at work, we can help. Simply call your order into the closest Burgerim restaurant and we will deliver your food on time and hot. We also guarantee your order will always be correct, unlike many drive thrus.

Burgerim is a great option for dinner parties too. Order our party box and you can order each mini burger to fit every ones specific taste.

How Can You Join the Burgerim Franchise Team?

If you are ready to walk away from a dead-end job and step into franchise ownership Burgerim offers great incentives. Burgerim offers low initial investment fees when compared to other franchise companies. In house financing is available for those who don’t have a large sum of money available. Despite your past credit history, we will help your dream come true.

Burgerim’s head corporation will provide extensive training to prepare you to run the daily operations of your new franchise. When you buy a Burgerim franchise you will have instant access to an already proven business model, prescreened suppliers and brand name that is known for success.  The risk is low and the financial benefits are endless.  

Another advantage we offer is access to our corporate marketing team. It is essential that your new Burgerim is advertised to your local community so that your opening day is a huge success. Our team knows how to make that happen. We require no experience for our new franchise owners because we provide all the help you will need.


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