Places to Eat in Montclair, CA: What Sets Apart the Best Burgers in Montclair?

Gourmet Burger with multiple toppings help make Burgerim the best burger in MontclairWhat Makes a Great Burger?

Burgers are one of America’s food staples and you can find them in dozens of restaurants across Montclair. So what is the defining feature that takes an ordinary burger to award winning? What is the secret behind the best burgers in Montclair? Let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing burger options in this food-centric city and find out just what makes the Burgerim Montclair truly extraordinary.

The Quality of the Meat

When it comes to building a perfect burger, it all starts with the quality of the meat. If you’re using beef with a low fat content, you’ll end up with a dry piece of charcoal rather than the juicy, satisfying burger patty that you were really craving. How the meat is processed can also make a big difference in your final product. Coarsely ground meat gives a better texture that is more likely to retain moisture during the cooking process.

The Char on the Patty

There are a couple of schools of thought on the best way to cook a burger, but the winning method seems to be grilled. When you throw your patty on the grill, the goal is to get a nice char on the outside while reaching a perfect medium on the inside. It takes a skilled cook to master this delicate balance, but the result is a burger that has just enough crunch with each bite.

The Right Kind of Bun

Far too often, the bun is completely overlooked when people start searching for the perfect burger. This is a tragic mistake as the type of bun used will drastically influence the overall taste and texture of the burger once it’s assembled. You can’t go wrong with a buttered brioche style bun, but sourdough rolls are a close second lending a unique flavor twist that goes perfectly with a hearty beef patty.

The Toppings

Traditionally, burgers are topped with a few basic staples: lettuce, tomato, pickles, and maybe a dollop of ketchup or mayo. It might be time to rethink your typical burger toppings because the best burgers in Montclair often feature pretty unconventional ingredients. At Burgerim, customers can literally build their own dream burger by adding toppings like pineapple, avocado, a sunny side egg, or jalapenos. By adding a unique topping, it gives the traditional burger a whole new flavor profile.

Burger Size Matters

Most people assume that when it comes to burgers, you need to go big or go home. However, some of the best burgers in Montclair are breaking all the rules. Mini burgers are the trend these days with Burgerim leading the charge to offer gourmet mini-burgers that are the perfect size for a quick bite on the go. Mini-burgers are the perfect party food and Montclair foodies can’t seem to get enough of these flavorful, pint sized creations.

Going Beyond Beef

The best burgers in Montclair often go outside the box to include a diverse mix of patties. Rather than relying only on the traditional beef patty, Montclair restaurants have started to explore new burger options with turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and the always popular lamb. If you really want to stick with beef, you can mix it up by using a dry aged beef or Wagyu beef for a unique flavor profile.

Passing the Purist Test

While there are plenty of creative ways to enjoy burgers in Montclair, the best burgers will pass the Purist test. A burger purist usually wants to keep it simple with a beef patty, a basic white bread bun, and the traditional toppings like lettuce, tomato, and pickles. If a burger can manage to make the purists happy, it has really accomplished something extraordinary.

Don’t Forget the Sauce

One final ingredient that makes a burger shine is the sauce slathered across the top. In Montclair, the most highly sought sauces are usually thousand island dressing, spicy mayo, savory barbecue sauce, or Burgerim’s much loved house sauce. Each of these options lends a whole new flavor profile to a burger, transforming an ordinary beef patty into a culinary adventure.

Customize Your Burger

Ultimately, the best burgers in Montclair can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. It’s all subjective depending on who is taste testing the burger in question. As long as you select a burger made with high quality beef, the perfect bun, and flavorful toppings and sauces, you’re sure to find a combination that is just right for you.


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