Wacky Things at a Burger Restaurant

Burger with beer next to it looking delicious due to interesting toppingsBEWARE! AMAZING BURGERS ARE ALSO WEIRD!

Okay, stop for a second, and think about what you’ve been eating – some of the things are strange, when you really think about it. Granted, all of the food that we eat as kooky or unusual origins, but some are kookier than others! Everything that you will find to eat at a burger restaurant came from a place where someone just said, ‘Oh, whatever, let’s see how this tastes!’ What’s fun about the journey these accidental culinary masters took is that they had no idea how they would contribute to a phenomenon that gripped the world, and still hasn’t let go. Tasty, quick, but a little messy, burger restaurants bring people from all over, and make life go a little faster.


Okay, so, fermented foods are old news. Nobody thinks twice about sauerkraut or kimchee, but whose idea was it to put cucumbers in vinegar?! Pickles are a national pastime when it comes to burgers, and most of us can’t live without crunchy, slick pickles squished between the bun and the burger patty. Cucumbers are mostly water, so they have the unique ability to hold larger amount of vinegar. Cucumbers have a light flavor, and vinegar makes them very sweet. Pickles are weird, but they’re an interesting addition of texture and flavor to your burger, or wherever you put them.

Onion Rings

And WHO is the GENIUS that decided to fry onions?! When it comes to onions, people tend to be split down the middle: roughly half of people dislike onions for their strong, astringent taste and odor, and the other half can’t get enough of them. Doused in batter and deep fried until deliciously crispy, onion rings likely came from Japan, where one of their ways of frying, tempura, was applied to a variety of vegetables. This, of course, made them ridiculously delicious, and nobody should go through life without a healthy, hulking helping of Japanese tempura vegetables, but the onion rings that were loved by so many found their way into the American diet, and started appearing at fast food places, fast-casual places, and have a great home in burger restaurants. Onion rings are a beautiful way to add texture to your meal. The delivery is crunchy and a little oily with a slightly sweet pay off once you hit the onion itself. Onion rings are so perfect for burgers, some burger restaurants put them on the burgers themselves, saving you the work!

Burger Variety

Why on earth would you go to a place that only serves one thing and is not called In n Out? In n Out burger is the only burger restaurant allowed to have a one-thing rule, and that’s only because they’re so incredibly good at what they do. Don’t be fooled by Burgerim, though – Jack and Master of all trades happens at this joint, and you’ll wonder why you ever let yourself go without a better variety of patties and toppings. Burgerim is not liable for an inability to stop trying and eating different combinations, but Burgerim burger restaurant is liable for the sky-high satisfaction and indescribable pleasure you will experience with the combination of your choosing.  


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