When Smaller is Better

Delicious mini burgers lined up on plate with a lot of cheeseMini Makes Life More Fun

‘Go big or go home’ is so last year. Imagine being able to make everything small enough to fit in your girlfriend’s purse. That would certainly make getting home much easier, but you might miss having your flat screen. Don’t despair, though – your world is WAY better when you’re focusing on getting the most for your money, anyway, and that could mean smaller things that make your day easier. Whether you’re digging smaller spaces, or trying out smaller electronics, smaller is better. If you really like what you see, though, you’ll get one for your mom, too.

Mini Burgers

Oh, mini burgers. Few other things in the world will bring more joy, more smiles, and more satisfaction than having a hand full of flavor. Now, just think about all of the luscious toppings that you can add to your choice of a variety of meat or veggie patties. Maybe this is too much deliciousness in one place. No, of course not. You’ve got this. Think about the salmon patty with egg. You’re feeling real chic with that, right? A little house sauce with the house veggies in your house, and you’re happy. But you didn’t just get one, because one mini burger, though amazing, isn’t quite enough for most people, so you got adventurous with three, and doubled up the Merguez with the Wagyu beef for one of them. Grabbing these mini burgers was probably the best decision that you’ve made all week, and things can only go further up from here.

Teacup Chihuahuas

The word, ‘cute,’ just doesn’t quite cover a little ball of fur with huge eyes and a round head. Well, okay – you can use, ‘cute’ if you want to if you’re describing teacup chihuahuas, but you should know that they’re less ‘cute,’ and more of a squealing noise. First on the scene around 2005, teacup chihuahuas were part of a trend of ‘accessory dogs,’ little critters that fit in purses, and were carried around by socialites who are practicing holding small things for the next time they made it to Burgerim. Making your life a little more squealing noise, and adopt a new best friend from your local animal shelter.

Tiny Houses

They may not look like much from the outside, but what people do with their tiny, often off-the-grid homes is pretty cool. Most of them rely, at least in part, on solar energy, so they’re bills are super-low. There’s still enough space to move around and lounge, and apparently, you only miss indoor plumbing for a little while. You’re going to have a blast being that close to Mother Nature whenever you want, and mini burgers make the perfect accessory for your mini house.

Mini Tablets

You don’t have to book an appointment with a genius to understand why people are so gaga over these tiny, thin computers. They can go anywhere with you, present to your peers, teach you, entertain you, or earn you some freelance work. Mini tablets are the computers of the future, mostly because they leave one hand open for the phenomenal mini burger you’ll be munching on when you’re on your way to present to the board of directors.


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