Why Franchises are just Better

Restaurant Franchise Owner Enjoy Running her Own FranchiseDreams Can Come True

Oh, the franchise. Oh, the ability to have what we want, where we want, when we want, and how we want. We love the formulas and the environment. We love the drinks and the extra sauces. We like the quick desserts, and being able to go in, eat, and leave with the rest of the beautiful, shining day at our backs. But there are so many, many reasons to adore those lovely multiple-location restaurants, and somehow, everyone inside is also lovely. Maybe it’s because they’re there for the same reason that you are. Maybe it’s because you’re blissfully happy to have your favorite meal sitting in front of you. Maybe it’s because you were out way too late last night. Whatever the reason, franchises (including Burgerim,) are fantastic.  

So Convenient!

Come on: there’s no way that any franchise that you love would be so great if they weren’t at least KIND OF close! Maybe you limit yourself to going on Thursdays (not sure why you’d want to limit yourself, but okay…), but those Thursdays are even great while you’re waiting. And let’s sweeten the deal: let’s say that you definitely don’t want to get home too soon, because the sooner you’re home, the sooner you have to do laundry. All you have to do is pick the location closer to your friend, go there, remember that you need to tell you friend something, and then get home just ten minutes too late to do laundry. You still have something clean for tomorrow.

We All Love Old Reliable.

Just stop for a second. Stop and think. Stop and think about the last time you just needed to get away. Where did you go? Burgerim? We figured. You clearly ended up at your favorite Burgerim location because you desperately needed to taste salmon patty on your tongue to get you back to Alaska, where you actually had some actual fun. On top of that, with your favorite burger in hand, you’re safe and sound, and you can work out all of your grown-up problems later, when something matters more than salmon on whole wheat with house sauce and avocado.

You’re Part of History!   

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. But think about it: franchises started with Coca-Cola, which sold its idea to this place and that place, and pretty soon, entire restaurants followed. So, when you bite into that amazing mini burger and sip a Coke product along with it, you’re drinking history, my friend, and it is delicious!

We’re in an Age Where Quality Matters.

We won’t (can’t!) beat around the bush with this: this ain’t the 90s. Super-processed flat burgers with who-knows-what toppings from who-knows-where aren’t in anymore. The rise of the fast-casual franchise goes hand-in-hand with a demand for this awesome thing called Real Food. We all like real food, mostly because it tastes real good, but think about all the great things you’re doing when you eat that real food: you’re avoid tons of chemicals that you can’t do anything with, and getting right to what your body needs.


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