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How to Start a Franchise with Burgerim

Are you interested in learning how to start a franchise? With Burgerim, all you need is the will to succeed! We provide you with complete training and ongoing support, allowing you to thrive as a business even with little to no restaurant experience.

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Your Business Start Up Plan

Our corporate team provides everything you need to start a fast-casual restaurant that your neighborhood will love. We provide assistance in choosing, building, and outfitting the location of your restaurant, complete with a project manager and architect. We choose small to medium sized businesses, offering lower initial startup costs, but provide state of the art interior design and the opportunity for you to make the interior unique to your neighborhood. We'll give you access to pre-screened, reliable suppliers who will provide pre-prepared products to cut down on kitchen labor costs. We suggest you outsource delivery providers so you simply need to oversee the delivery aspect of your business. Most importantly, we'll provide you the training, resources, and marketing you will need to start and run a successful fast-casual restaurant.

Our Concept

One factors that allow you to become so successful with us is the innovative concept of our fast-food, casual-style restaurants. We encourage customers to completely customize an order of burgers from bun to bun. They can choose from outlandish and gourmet ingredients like salmon or merguez patties, and toppings like the ever-popular sunny side up egg. Packs come with 1, 2, 3, or 16 (party box) of our 2.8 oz. burger patties, allowing each customer to satisfy every one of their cravings in one quick meal.

Big Flavor. Big Opportunity.

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