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Veterans: Own a Burger Franchise


Big Flavor. Big Opportunity.


In today’s interconnected economy, more and more veterans are looking for opportunities in franchise ownership. There are many developed cities that are perfectly fit for a veteran to benefit from the revenue stream that a Burgerim franchise opportunity can provide. Burgerim is the right franchise for a veteran who requires hands on support, training, and planning. We take a purposeful approach to business planning and management consulting to create a veteran franchisee that will foster the future potential of our brand in their local community.


Burgerim started their restaurant concept and expanded to other key points, internationally. With fundamental achievement in offering a fast-food concept that works, Burgerim welcomed a lot of financial prosperity appealing to foodies everywhere. Expanding our established franchise to the USA has been a huge success. Master franchisees are benefiting from a brand that sells itself to foodies. The USA expansion for prospective business professionals is an option worth thinking about. At this point of our business cycle, we are covering 48 states in the U.S.

A veteran franchisee is in good hands with our brand for many reasons. One such reason is that a veteran will save 30% on startup fees compared to non-veteran professionals. We understand that veterans have developed unique skills that prove to be extremely beneficial in running a business. The experience of serving for the country is a noble feat and with that, a person broadens their perspective and is more willing for personal development, cultivating leadership skills, and effectively working in teams. The betterment of developing and managing important skill sets should be put to use for productive purposes. Why not join the best burger chain in the world?

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The trend line shows that more and more veterans are establishing a seat with a franchise for income opportunities. Choosing to capitalize on Burgerim’s franchise opportunity for veterans is something worth taking advantage of because of the growing burger chain market. American consumers are categorized as foodies: America loves burgers and fries! In pursuit of delivering America’s favorite product, it’s our vision to be “the country’s most loved burger franchise.” The menu offering and burger expertise, as well as our continual drink selection (soda, beer, and wine options) sets our brand apart from other fast-food restaurant businesses.

A large number of entrepreneurs and small business owners have made the choice to own a restaurant franchise in 2017. The biggest reason so many successful business owners choose to own a franchise as part of their income stream stems from the fact that the business does an excellent job in branding. For instance, Burgerim, an international restaurant franchise provides their franchisees everything they need to be successful. You don't need experience in managing a franchise to run it successfully with Burgerim's business infrastructure. Burgerim became a household name in the community for two reasons: quality food and their commitment to the Burgerim family.

Burgerim built a foundation prior to inception with 8 principles in mind:

  1. Business Training
  2. Customer Service Training
  3. Location
  4. Architectural Support
  5. Project Management
  6. Renovation
  7. Suppliers
  8. Ongoing Support

The final result is a franchise that will produce revenue for a long, long time. The turnkey is: leveraging business innovation for the business owner's overall success. The bottom line: more money. The Burgerim franchise is a very good choice for anyone who plans to generate serious revenue this year and for many, many more years to come. This is a new franchise that opened its stores to the public in 2011 and received amazing reviews and recognition as the best burgers in the world. It's amazing how many burger options the Burgerim chain offers to their customers.

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Business Opportunity for the Money

If you are entrepreneur that’s looking to break into something huge, you can anticipate that the Burgerim gourmet hamburger chain will perform wonderfully as a business. Quality and originality come first which appeals to burger lovers worldwide. That is why Burgerim is, no doubt, the best burger chain in the restaurant industry. A day will come when you’re driving town to town and notice a Burgerim restaurant on almost every corner, very much like the world-famous coffee shops that have dominated the past decade.

The secret to success is following a system that creates more success. Implementing effective operational habits will ensure results, month to month. We have uncovered a system that creates success and offer every Burgerim franchisee our unconditional support from storefront management, operations, back-end operations, marketing, and of course local advertising harnessing the influence of technology.

Franchising domestically is a business opportunity well worth the money. Our business success supports that the best time to set up shop locally is when the storefront reaches customer capacity in their 2-10 mile radius. Covering more territories establishes more visibility and opportunities for the franchisee. A veteran who is keen to establish more revenue will love the opportunity to run the operations day to day and turn a profit month after month. The initial success starts in picking a brand that established the right franchising system, and offers the most value for the investment.

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