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Mini Burger. Big Opportunity.


Are you looking to own your own business? Burgerim franchise opportunities in California are a great place to start. California is full of wonderful opportunities, but owning a hamburger restaurant can be exactly what you’ve been looking for. When you buy into a franchise, you are basically purchasing a business model that has already shows maturity in its category. This may be a safer way to start a fast food restaurant business because the master franchisor will help by guiding you the entire way through the process. We have been successfully franchising restaurants since the year 2011. We offer our support that our product and way of doing business will make sense to you. If you buy into this franchise opportunity, you won’t be disappointed. In addition to a great business model, we will offer support the entire time you are building your Burgerim franchise. Even after your business is up and running you can count on the franchisee to offer continued support for any need you may have. Many other franchises rule a heavy hand over the new owners, but not Burgerim. Our goal is for you to have success as a franchisee and grow a thriving California Burgerim franchise for years to come.


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Our burger franchise already has over 80 locations around the world, and we’re quickly expanding our reach in the United States. We have a unique way of presenting the age-old food icon, the burger. We are revolutionizing service and variety with a simple product that has been around for decades. We start with mini burgers in 2.8 oz. servings of unique proteins (beef, lamb, veggie, salmon, and more) and offer them in 2, 3, or 16 burger sets. This not only shakes up the world of burgers, but it allows the customer to have more variety in a single serving. That’s a pretty good reason to choose Burgerim as your new burger franchise opportunity.

The Benefits of a Burgerim Franchise Opportunity

We have a unique spin on serving the burger and all that goes with it. When customers visit Burgerim, they will be given the option to order our mini burgers in two, three or sixteen mini burgers. In addition to that, patrons can choose from many unique toppings and sauces to complement their burgers. As if great food wasn’t enough, at Burgerim, customers can expect amazing customer service, quality food, and a clean environment. Our corporate offices will help train franchise owners to meet all customer needs.

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How It Works

Don’t shy away from an amazing opportunity to own a Burgerim franchise just because you don’t have any business or management experience. Let us help you! At Burgerim, we understand that many people lack franchise experience, so we offer education to potential owners on exactly how to manage and successfully run a Burgerim restaurant. We go even further and continues to offer great training in areas like employment and staffing. One great advantage of owning a Burgerim franchise in California is that we are designed to run on a small staff. As a new owner, you can count on the consistent support of our Encino-based team to help you succeed.

Unsure of where to open your Burgerim restaurant? Don’t worry—we are here to help every step of the way. It is not uncommon for our upper management to work closely with real estate agents to help provide the perfect location. Also, once the location has been settled, we will still be available to provide guidelines for the building process, taking the stress off your shoulders. You will work with a corporate architect and a local architect to make the vision of your California Burgerim franchise become a reality.

At Burgerim, each franchise owner is more than a number; you are part of a large family. We will provide ongoing support to all local franchise owners so that all their needs are met. Overall, if you are looking for a safe, profitable way to open a business, opening a Burgerim franchise in California is the way to go!

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