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Has it always been your dream to open your own business and be your own boss? If you would love an opportunity to operate one of the best burger franchises in the nation, then Burgerim is for you! This top-ranking franchise opportunity in Connecticut provides continued support from corporate offices throughout the entire experience. Since 2011, we have had massive success with over 160 locations nationwide and abroad. Their success stems from such a unique menu and quality customer service. Let’s take a look at what it takes to own a Burgerim!


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We have revolutionized the age-old food icon: the burger. We have a unique menu that offers a new taste for each bite you take. We serve 2.8 ounce patties in a one, two, three, or sixteen perfect burger serving. Additionally, customers can choose a variety of sauces and toppings that make their burgers unique and amazing. Whether you are wanting to feed a family of five or have a party and need to feed dozens, Burgerim can help! The amazing menu options cater to anyone’s taste and style. This is what makes Burgerim opportunities such a great idea.

Why a Burgerim Franchise?

When you choose to buy into the Burgerim family, you are essentially buying a proven business model that will guarantee amazing profits. Corporate offices provide support throughout the entire process. We even provide business training for potential owners to prepare them for owning and running a Burgerim restaurant. If you don’t have any previous management or business experience, that is okay. We’re here to help. Our corporate offices will also help find the perfect location for your new franchise so that you can have maximum success. In addition to everything mentioned above, Burgerim has a state-of-the-art marketing team that will work hard to advertise each and every Burgerim location. They use web-based advertising such as content marketing, search engine optimization, and many other ways of advertising. If decide to join the Burgerim family, you can be sure to have a steady flow of customers at your franchise location.

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Easy Access to Pre-Screened Suppliers

We will take care of getting you connected with suppliers to get your restaurant up and running with the right menu options. We have a concise and easy menu, making this process fairly simple, but corporate is always at your disposal to walk you through any potential obstacles.

If you are ready to be a business owner and to have a stellar business that you can be proud of, then a Burgerim franchise in Connecticut is the perfect opportunity for you. As a member of the Burgerim family, you can count on ample support from the mother company, as well as many different resources at your fingertips. Burgerim is a trendy new restaurant with huge earning potential and a bright future. If you ever run into a problem with suppliers, building issues, or employment, corporate Burgerim is always available to help.

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