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The gourmet burger has come a long way in Miami, Florida from its all-American origins in fast-food restaurants, and is now a major franchise opportunity in Miami. Business owners can capitalize on the success of running a burger chain in just a few short months. The hamburger is one of the most popular food choices for lunch and dinner in the USA. Factoring quality ingredients, location, marketing analysis, and business operations; Burgerim attained recognition as a premier burger chain offering tasty burgers with 11 options to choose from.


Since 2011, the Burgerim brand has been dominating the hamburger restaurant franchise market, catering to the hamburger aficionado, families, and anyone who’s hankering for quality burgers. Burgerim is a major burger chain that appeals to Miami locals as well as a global Franchise company in its own right. We have extremely satisfied franchisees leading the way in their local Miami community, each getting a bite of the revenue and profits. While there are competing brands and mom-and-pop burger shops scattered throughout the city, our franchise opportunity is taking on a high volume of customers with it's new style of gourmet burgers, and a delivery service that’s integrated on our main website and easy-to-use mobile app. (You can download our app in the App Store and on Android market)

Miami’s Burgerim franchise restaurant has been met with many satisfied customers. Contrary to the archetypal fast-food restaurant, Burgerim has concentrated its business method on producing high-quality, gourmet burgers and fries, with a choice of wine, beer, water, or soda. Our aim is to offer the customer an enjoyable dining experience, while keeping the ease and convenience of our user-friendly delivery services. We focus our overall franchise model around quality—from the way we manage our business, the ingredients used, our modern appliances, the complimentary lighting, our efficient delivery services, and our user-friendly technology platforms—to create a successful franchising model that Miami can easily emulate and benefit from.

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Quality ingredients and great service is what makes a burger chain the best in the city. Miami is known as a city that appreciates great tasting food at a price point that’s affordable. That’s where Burgerim comes in as a premier Miami franchise opportunity for prospective franchisees that want to capitalize on the growing trend of fast food franchising. By utilizing the reputation and strength of an established brand, such as Burgerim, you’ll be part of a team that understands how to effectively identify consumers within a two-to-ten-mile radius, searching for a meal solution that offers great taste, quality ingredients, and convenience.

What sets us apart from other fast-food restaurants is our passion for hamburgers and combining superior customer service from start to finish. From headquarters to the local Miami Burgerim restaurant, everyone who walks through our doors is greeted with care. Our company mission is aligned with providing friendly customer service.

Understanding the location and the people that live in Miami is fundamental in preparing a business plan that will be fundamental for success. Every city has its unique charm. It’s our mission to properly analyze local marketing, finance, and operations to ensure overall success.

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Be part of a top business that’s proven the franchise model for the Miami demographic. For over 5 years, our Burgerim franchises have been the first to market with gourmet ingredients—from the meats, vegetables, spices, to our potatoes and buns. The master franchise team is constantly evolving and adapting to changes that prove to be most effective for customer acquisition. Join the top business franchise company and experience the burger phenomenon that’s showing no signs of slowing down.

With a food product that is ever-increasing in popularity, and a saturated market, the Burgerim franchise is proving to be ahead of the game—spearheading effective solutions, tailored to the foodie as well as the business owner. We are not running exclusively for burger lovers! However, gaining the upper hand with burger aficionados is what helps cultivate a substantial reputation in the burger community. The growing trend has seen dramatic increase in consumers enjoying quality food products at trendy, local fast-food-style restaurants, but with a favorable price-point advantage.

Miami consumers want options, and we understand the importance of providing that in the fast-food industry. As a franchisee, you’ll benefit from a brilliant menu that can serve your local Miami community many flavorful burgers. Consumers love to diversify their options, especially with food. We’ve crafted a solution that’s better than popular sliders, and offers several unique flavors. Diversity has been a growing trend, driving more traffic to the restaurant and delivery platforms, attracting and satisfying a broader consumer base.

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