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Have you been looking for the perfect opportunity to leave your dead-end job? Investing in a Burgerim franchise in Idaho is a smart way to launch your own business with low risk and big success. As a franchise owner, you will enjoy the advantage of an already proven brand name, without having to pour years of your life into building your business from nothing. Burgerim is a name that carries with it a reputation for stellar food and exemplary service at affordable prices. In Idaho, anyone looking for a business investment opportunity can now apply to open a Burgerim location. Burgerim has maintained a reputation of success, since its conception in 2011. With over 160 different locations around the world, Burgerim’s casual dining experience, gourmet food, and great prices have certainly made their mark on the food industry.


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Fast-food carries a reputation of having a standard, slightly boring menu, with little variety and oftentimes, low quality food with many fillers as added ingredients. Burgerim has revolutionized the traditional fast-food idea, offering a casual dining experience. Our “mini burgers” are served in three serving sizes: a duo, trio, and party box. We provide a wide variety of protein and meat options, ranging from lamb to Wagyu beef, and even dry aged beef or salmon. Our customers can also choose from many different toppings, sauces, and buns. Thanks to Burgerim's trend setting menu, we have become a nationwide sensation in the food industry. Burgerim has items on the menu that will appeal to health-conscious eaters, those who prefer a gluten free burger, as well as consumers that prefer variety and indulgence. When you eat at a Burgerim, every bite you take has the potential to be totally unique. Burgerim is offering this proven business model to anyone wanting to open a franchise in the Idaho area.

We will train you!

If the idea of running a franchise sounds like something you would love, but lack experience, we can help. Our corporate offices provide many different resources to franchise owners, in the way or training and teaching management skills. We require no degree or previous experience when you apply for a Burgerim franchise. If you own a Burgerim franchise in Idaho, you will have access to 24/7 corporate support, marketing plans from our corporate offices, business and management training, and assistance with the training and hiring of staff members. Our corporate offices are with you every step of the way.

No Experience, No Problem!

Remember, no previous restaurant experience is required to buy a Burgerim franchise. Our training staff will walk you through daily operations and give you the names and contact information of all our pre-screened suppliers. Keeping in mind that if you run into any problems, our corporate offices are just a phone call away.

Corporate provides marketing tools

Marketing can either make or break a business. If you struggle to be creative and have little to no idea how to market your new Burgerim franchise in Idaho, we will help. As a franchise owner, you will have access to our experienced marketing team. They'll work hard to make sure you have an eager, waiting crowd the day of your launch. There is no reason to worry, because Burgerim has successfully launched 160 franchises around the world. We will help you target local customers and give you the tools to draw the community to your restaurant.

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Unsure about the Initial Investment?

Don’t let money keep you from realizing your dream of owning a business. Unlike many other franchises in Idaho, Burgerim keeps their initial investment fee very low. Another reward we offer potential owners is the ability to finance the initial investment fee, regardless of your credit history. If you have good work ethic and a passion to run your own business, we strongly believe you can open your own Burgerim franchise in Idaho.

Why should you join the Burgerim team?

Franchise opportunities are everywhere in the state of Idaho, but Burgerim is the top choice. Our corporate offices offer a proven business model, ample support and training, in addition to financing options for the investment fee. Our unique menu is sure to keep customers coming back for more—promising amazing opportunities. Don’t wait or spend another minute in a dead-end job; open your own Burgerim franchise in Idaho and make your dreams come true.

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