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Why choose a franchise over other business ventures? Franchise opportunities in Maine offer a proven business model with less risk to the owner. If you buy a Burgerim franchise in Maine, you will not only own the business, but also carry the brand. This is a great way to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Many people are seeking this opportunity, so let’s take a look at why Burgerim is a great choice. At Burgerim, we pride ourselves on our quality customer service. Our customers expect pleasant service and a clean eating environment. Burgerim restaurants are designed to work efficiently with a small staff—reducing cost to the franchise owner. When you begin the hiring process, our corporate offices will provide training to ensure your employees will present your customers with amazing service, keeping them coming back for years.


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We have developed a new spin on the iconic American food—the burger. At a Burgerim franchise, you can order mini burgers in sets of two, three, or sixteen. Eleven unique mini burger patties—in addition to a variety of sides and toppings—offer endless possibilities. Whether you are feeding a small family of four, or an entire dinner party, our food is perfect for any occasion.

Continued Support & Training

If you have no business or management experience, that is absolutely okay. We want to see you succeed, so we offer potential franchise owners classes to help gain the necessary knowledge to run a business. We will be there every step of the way while you are preparing to open your franchise. Once you have purchased the initial business model, we will provide assistance in finding the perfect location for your new Burgerim franchise in Maine. We’ll continue to assist you in building your new restaurant and help you with food suppliers and hiring staff.

Unlike other businesses, when you invest in a franchise opportunity in Maine, you’ll get expert help marketing your business. We use a variety of advertising techniques such as content marketing, website consulting, and search engine optimization. This can help you draw in a steady flow of customers to keep your Burgerim franchise in Maine busy and profitable. Franchise owners can run into problems just like any other business. However the difference is that with Burgerim, you can turn to our corporate offices for help. We want to see your franchise succeed as much as you do.

Overall, if you are looking for a great new investment opportunity with minimal risks, purchasing a Burgerim franchise opportunity in Maine is a great option. Every business comes with some risk, but with Burgerim, you can look at our profit margins and see already proven success. The best franchise opportunities in Maine give you a leg up on the process of building your own business, so explore opening a franchise today.

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