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Have you always dreamed of owning your own business but feel the risk is too big? Investing in a franchise opportunity in Michigan will give you the freedom of owning your own business with financial stability. Why spend years building a brand from the ground up when you can simply buy into an already proven, successful brand by purchasing a franchise? Owning a franchise is the perfect blend of low risk with high rates of success. Burgerim is now accepting applications for new franchise owners in the Michigan area. Since its launch in 2011, Burgerim has seen speedy success around the world. With 160 locations around the world, their burgers are making big news. The burger is an all-American food icon that has been around for decades. Burgerim is breathing new life into this age-old food, by offering a unique menu with gourmet options at reasonable prices.


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At your typical fast food franchise, the menu is standard and usually rigid, with little room for variety. Burgerim features a burger that can be ordered in a duo, trio, or party box serving. Patrons are given a choice of eleven types of meat for their burgers; ranging from salmon to Wagyu beef or even lamb. Once customers have chosen the meat, they are provided with a large selection of sauces, toppings, and buns. Every bite you take at Burgerim can be as different as you want it to be. The burger combinations are endless at Burgerim. This successful business model has made Burgerim a fast-growing business all over the world. Now they are offering franchise opportunities in Michigan for anyone interested in joining in their success.

Full Training Provided

Along with franchise opportunities in Michigan, Burgerim will provide all the training you will need to run a successful franchise. Don't let a franchise opportunity intimidate you. Our corporate offices will provide training and teach you everything you need to know. The best part is that you don't need any previous management experience or a degree of any kind to own your own franchise. As a Burgerim owner in Michigan, here are just a few of the many resources that will be provided:

      Comprehensive business management training
      Around the clock support from our corporate offices
      Seminars that will teach you how to train and recruit staff
    Access to all pre-screened suppliers

Burgerim's corporate office will be there to make sure your new franchise is a success!

No Experience? That's okay!

You can own a Burgerim franchise in Michigan with no prior experience in the food service industry. We will provide all the training you need. You will be guided through what a typical day running a franchise will look like, and have complete access to an already proven successful business model. Instead of handling any problems yourself, you can call our corporate offices for support and guidance. There is very little risk involved in opening a Burgerim franchise because the brand is already developed.

Marketing Tools for Everyone

Just like with any new business, good marketing is the key to success. It may be daunting to take on the task of marketing your franchise if you find it difficult to come up with creative marketing ideas. There is no need to worry, because Burgerim has launched 160 franchise locations that are successfully growing today. Our corporate offices have many ways that have been proven successful, to advertise your Michigan franchise. We will help you spread the word of your new business in the community so that you will have a large crowd lined up on opening day.

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Initial Investment Options

It is no secret that many franchises have a large up front initial investment that is required. Burgerim is different; the cost of the initial investment is very low when compared to other companies in Michigan. If you don’t have a lump sum to launch your franchise, our corporate offices can help. We offer finance options for anyone who is interested in owning a Burgerim restaurant, despite your credit history. All you need is a passion for food and the drive to build your own business in Michigan.

Initial Investment Options

Burgerim is the number one franchise opportunity in Michigan. We offer a proven successful business model with stellar support from our corporate offices including the ability to finance your franchise regardless of your credit score. Don’t spend another minute in a job you hate with no hope of growth. Take the first step towards your future as a Burgerim franchise owner and fill out the contact form today!

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