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Starting a new business is a lot of work and far too often, start-ups will fail within the first year. That’s why many budding entrepreneurs opt to invest in a franchise, joining an established brand to open a new location in their area. As a franchise owner, you get all the perks of owning your own business, but you minimize your risk and upfront investment by buying a proven business model that has already worked well in other locations. If you’re looking for franchise opportunities in New Hampshire, Burgerim wants to hear from you! Burgerim has already launched franchises in 160 locations spanning 8 countries around the globe. Now we are looking for dedicated professionals to help us open franchises in New Hampshire. Our unique twist on traditional fast food has been wildly successful at every turn, making it easier than ever to build a business that brings in quick profits with the promise for a lucrative future.


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If you have big dreams and you are driven to work hard to accomplish your goals, we can help you open a burger franchise in New Hampshire even if you have no management experience. Burgerim offers complete training and support to help franchise owners succeed. In some cases, it’s actually better to have no experience because then you can walk into your new franchise with an open mind, ready to learn from our proven business model and adopt the methods that we’ve found to be most effective in our other locations.

We Provide the Training You Need to Succeed

Running any business is complex, but restaurants can be especially complicated. You’ll have to navigate the maze of food suppliers, overhead costs, staff recruiting, and customer service. Burgerim takes the pressure off of New Hampshire franchise owners by providing comprehensive training and support along the way. Here’s a look at some of the resources you’ll have access to when you partner with Burgerim:

  • Full business training for new owners
  • Instant access to a list of pre-screened suppliers
  • Training in how to recruit and retain employees
  • Help choosing the right location
  • Support from expert interior designers
  • Resources for local advertising and online marketing

Affordable Start-Up Costs

We help you minimize the financial burden of a new business by offering low upfront investment costs on franchise opportunities in New Hampshire. The Burgerim model is made to work in small spaces, reducing the initial cost for real estate and renovations and lowering the number of staff you need for daily operations. If the cost still feels like it’s overwhelming, take a look at our financing options for franchises in New Hampshire. Burgerim offers financing for all franchise owners, regardless of credit history or past business experience.

Our Recipe for Franchise Success

In a world where fast food restaurants are on every street corner, you might be wondering if there is really a need to add another burger joint to New Hampshire. Burgerim is nothing like the typical fast food place in your city. In fact, our entire model is based on top quality ingredients and gourmet food at affordable prices. While we offer a casual dining setting, we also offer unique perks like the ability to serve beer and wine and the option to provide local delivery services. This sets us apart from other restaurants in New Hampshire, carving out a unique niche where your new franchise can thrive.

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Open A Burger Franchise in New Hampshire in 2017

Now is the time to invest in a franchise and start building your New Hampshire business. Don’t waste time working for someone else when you could be your own boss and live out your career dreams. With Burgerim’s proven business model and tasty burgers on your side, you’ll have no trouble drawing a crowd and bringing home a steady profit even in your first year. Don’t miss out on your chance to join the Burgerim team with your own New Hampshire franchise.

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