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Many reasons lead people to franchise ownership. Whether you are a person who is tired of sitting in a dead-end career or you have been laid off and are ready to pour your life savings into a business investment. Being your own boss is often very appealing to people. However, if you are looking for franchise opportunities in Texas, it’s important to know what to look for and how to do the research. Sadly, it can be a risk and not everyone ends up with a successful business, but franchises offer more protection that the average business, so it’s definitely worth considering.


Make sure you do your homework before you sign the papers and hand over a lifetime’s worth of savings. Once you have signed the agreement there is little to be done if you change your mind. Before even starting your search for a franchise, review your personal finances and see exactly what you can afford. Franchises always have an initial fee to purchase the actual business model, and have access to all the perks the franchiser provides. Keep in mind that in addition to the initial fee, as the owner you will owe royalties each year to the mother company for the term of the agreement. Most franchises also reserve the right to not continue the agreement if your profits are not high enough.

A great way to further minimize your personal risk is to buy a franchise with a partner. This way the risk is split between two people and doesn’t fall solely on an individual’s shoulders. This way you can share all the expense and the profits as well. Keep in mind a franchise demands many hours of work. If you don’t want to shoulder the total responsibility having a partner is great. It can also free you up to do other work, since often the first year of any business profits are low.

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Look around your community, take consumer surveys and talk to local business owners. Research reviews of the potential company you are considering and dig deep. Read about the leadership of the company and the rate of franchise success. Aside from finances, the most important part of owning a franchise is picking the right one for your community. If there are already two McDonald’s, then adding a third makes no sense. Also talk to local business owners and seek their opinions on owning a business. Ask what they would do differently if they were to redo the process. This will help you avoid costly mistakes. Hit the pavement and ask consumers what they would like to see in the community. Consumer demand is the single most important part of franchising. You have to make sure the service or product you offer is in demand.

Consider Hiring a Broker

If you are new to the world of franchises, then hiring a broker is a great idea. These business professionals can help you navigate the paperwork and general process of purchasing a franchise. Often times brokers represent many different franchises and will help match your skill set with the best franchise.

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Know When to Walk Away

If you get into the process of buying a franchise and you are uneasy, don’t be afraid to walk away. Owning a business is a long term commitment and should never be taken lightly. Remember these agreements are often up to ten years at a time. Even if just one factor doesn’t come together right you may need to consider taking extra time or deciding against the business after all. Always follow your gut feeling.

Overall, owning a franchise can create financial freedom if done correctly. IF all the elements come together flawlessly then you will have raging success. Be prepared for financial sacrifice as well as many hours of hard work. Make sure you are educated about your purchase and use all the help around you to make your decision. Burgerim is a great franchise to start with, they offer great resources to their owners and are financially reasonable to open. Not to mention they have amazing food and great success. Take your time and proceed with caution when searching for franchise opportunities in Texas.

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