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How to Start a Franchise with Burgerim

Are you interesting in learning how to start a franchise? With Burgerim, all you need is the will to succeed! We provide you with complete training and ongoing support, allowing you to thrive as a business even with little to no restaurant experience.

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Initial Steps

The startup of your franchise business is made easy by our corporate team. We provide all of the training and resources you need to build and outfit your location and hire your team. You'll be making a small, extremely smart investment in an innovative concept that people in your neighborhood will love. We believe in building small to medium sized locations that require a lower startup cost; housing a small, effective, and well-trained staff that will cut down on labor costs compared to similar franchise models. Our low cost construction package allows you to customize and outfit your location on a budget. We'll give you access to quality pre-screened food suppliers that provide pre-prepared products to reduce the cost of labor in the kitchen. You can also outsource your delivery providers so that you simply need to oversee this side of the business, rather than hiring and managing delivery workers.

Ongoing Support

Throughout your franchise ownership, you will have constant access to our corporate team; which will review and develop new menu items and innovations, constantly bettering the business. We also provide marketing, especially when your restaurant is first opening, to pique initial interest from your community. Your success is our priority and we treat each of our franchise owners as partners.

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