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Burgers as Unique as You

Burgerim is a fresh concept where fast food meets fine dining and burgers meet big flavor. Come in on your own, with your family, or with a party. Enjoy thousands of choices while building your burger pack, from sauces to patties to unconventional toppings. We’ve built a menu that’s intended for the customization of gourmet flavors, changing the fast food burger game for the better.

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Build Your Own

Build your own Burgerim 3 oz. burger patties and satisfy every last craving in one meal. We’re known for the variety of flavor profiles we offer our customers and the gourmet, sometimes outlandish flavor combinations you can create yourself. If you love having complete control over your meal options, you’ve come to the right place. Try wagyu beef with a sunny side up egg or salmon with pineapple. Not in the mood to choose? Just ask about our favorites and we’ll introduce you to new flavors you’ll love!


We offer three types of buns that act as the perfect foundation for your burgers. Choose the pillowy base for your delicious sauces, patties, and toppings. Enjoy our house bun, gluten free bun, or wheat bun.

Unconventional Special Toppings

There's nothing average about the flavor of our selection of special toppings. Choose from grilled onion, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms, sunny side up egg, pineapple, bacon, swiss cheese, or avocado.


The primary source of flavor in your Burgerim pack is going to be our world-famous patties. Whether you're looking for beef, salmon, buffalo, or veggie, we've got options for all. We offer beef, salmon, or veggie, we've got options for all. We offer beef, dry aged beef, wagyu beef, merguez, Spanish beef, turkey, lamb, chicken, salmon, and veggie. Mix and match your patties with different toppings and sauces for a unique flavor experience with every Burgerim visit.

*Options to Meet Dietary Needs

At Burgerim, it's of the utmost importance that we offer a selection of meal options to suit everyone's needs, even beyond the burger. That means we're sensitive to your special dietary needs. We offer the following options in addition to other nutritious menu items like salads and sandwiches.

Standard Toppings on the Bottom

Part of what makes our burgers so delicious is that we put our standard toppings on the bottom. You heard right! At Burgerim, we believe that putting lettuce, tomato, and onion above the patty means that they complement the patty flavors, but don't actually mix with them. By putting these toppings on the bottom, you can enjoy a perfect fusion of flavors as the toppings absorb the juices from your patty—creating your own unique masterpiece.


Add a punch of savory flavor to the mix with one of our sauces. Enjoy classics like ketchup, mayo, mustard, and BBQ, or pack a punch with our special house sauce.

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Fast Casual Goodness

Fresh Ingredients

Burgerim's patties are ground fresh daily, ensuring you the most delicious juicy flavors in every bite. We are committed to consistency of flavor and quality of ingredients, and work together with Burgerim owners globally to uphold these standards. Burger suppliers are provided by our corporate team, so you can expect the same great taste at every Burgerim location.


It's our goal to provide the flavors you crave in the most convenient way possible. Burgerim packs are always in a to-go box, whether you're dining in or on your way out the door. Each Burgerim burge in the pack can be enjoyed without concern for mess. Although bursting with flavor, our burgers are more manageable to eat. For this reason, Burgerim is great for burger lovers at any age. We offer kids burger meals that come with one burger, fries, and sliced veggies. To top it all off, Burgerim provides one ultra convenient luxury—delivery! While most burger chains are pick up only, we're happy to come to you. Call your local Burgerim today to place your order.

Cravings — Meet Flavor.

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