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Each of our gourmet burgers will satisfy your tastebuds from the first bite. With hundreds of flavor profiles, you can build your own burgers from the bun all the way down to the sauce. We craft your perfect burgers from bottom to top, layering the bun, sauce, toppings, patty, and special topping. We consider putting the standard toppings on the bottom the perfect burger equation so they absorb the flavors you’ve chosen. Let your inner foodie come to life and enjoy all of the flavorful options of our build your own burger concept.




Our Build Your Own Burgers Concept

Burgerim’s build your own burger concept gives you so many flavor profiles to explore. With our 1, 2, 3 and 16 pack options, you can always try more than one combination! After choosing your pack, you can build your own burgers, making them all different or the same, depending on what you’re craving. Build your own burgers by selecting your choice of bun, special toppings, patties, and sauces, all of which have traditional and unconventional options! Don’t worry—you can also build your own burgers over the phone and have them delivered to your door for your convenience.

Our Menu

Our menu allows you to build your own burgers with fresh, mouth-watering ingredients. You can build as many as you like with options of 1, 2, 3, or 16 pack of burgers. Start by selecting a bun that sounds appetizing. Add on a special topping that appeals to your taste like pineapple, avocado or a sunny side up egg. Choose from one of our many tasty patty options ranging from beef to salmon or veggie. Top it off with a sauce, and your burger is an edible masterpiece! You’ll never be left unsatisfied when you build your own burger!