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Get Creative With Burgerim’s Burger Patties

Burgerim is all about flavor. We give you the opportunity to create amazing flavor profiles with a number of burger patties to choose from. Select a traditional beef burger, dry-aged beef, wagyu beef or merguez. We also offer juicy and flavorful options beyond beef like turkey, lamb, chicken, salmon, veggie, and falafel! The patty is the main source of flavor in any burger, so we emphasize quality and fresh (prepared daily) patties that our customers love.




Our Concept Beyond the Burger Patties

The name of the game at Burgerim is “It's what you crave. Order an uno, duo, trio, or party box (16 burgers) and completely customize each one to your liking. Our burgers are carefully assembled starting from the top bun, to the special toppings, patty, standard toppings, sauce, and bottom bun. Each layer adds a unique flavor to create a masterpiece that you can truly call your own.

Our Menu

Variety isn’t just available in our patties—it’s incorporated throughout our entire menu. After you select your burger pack, choose from buns like our house bun, wheat, or gluten free. Get creative with your toppings, from sunny side up egg to pineapple to bacon or swiss cheese. Pick from a wide selection of juicy and flavorful patties, then top it off with a savory sauce like BBQ or our famous house sauce. Select a tasty side like traditional fries, home fries, or a side salad. We also have options for kids and delicious alternatives to our burgers like sandwiches, salads, and wings.