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Redefine the Veggie Burger

Our veggie burgers are anything but boring! We give you a flavorful combination of nutritious ingredients. Once you customize your veggie burger with your choice of bun, toppings, and sauce you’ll have a burger tailored to your dietary needs that exceeds the standard veggie burger. We even have salmon burgers for pescatarians! Our goal is give all of our customers a better fast food experience by providing flavorful options for all.




Our Concept Beyond the Veggie Burger

With our “It's what you crave” approach, you can choose a pack of 1, 2, 3 or 16 mini burgers and experiment with different buns, special toppings and sauces. You can divide and conquer all of your favorite picks with our burger packs! Burgerim strives to make your dining experience fast, consistent and welcoming. Our restaurants are stylishly designed and staffed with friendly employees, making it a great place for your friends and family to dine. We also offer delivery so you conveniently enjoy your burgers at home!

Our Menu

Gone are the days of just having one option for a veggie burger on the menu. At Burgerim, we strive to provide multiple options for any dietary need from vegan to gluten free. Choose your pack—either an uno, duo, trio, or party box. Pick your preferred bun, and add on a protein-packed topping like avocado or sunny side up egg. Choose either the veggie patty, flalafel, or salmon patty and add on a sauce like our house sauce to give your veggie burger a major flavor boost. We also offer other delicious alternatives to meat like our panzanella, chopped, or kale salad.