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A Better Fast Food Restaurant Experience

At Burgerim, we are committed to providing a better fast food experience. Traditional fast food restaurants may be consistent, but in all the wrong places—mediocre food, bare bones facilities, and a less-than-happy staff. We’re breaking conventions by providing consistent quality across the board, from our food, to our environment, to our customer experience.

Our Fast Food Concept

We're not just breaking conventions with our customer experience, but also with our concept! We allow you to divide and conquer. Pick an uno, duo, trio, or party box of our 3 oz. patties and get as creative as you want with a wide range of options. Our fast food menu is designed to satisfy all of your cravings, as you can customize each burger in your pack a different way.

Toppings on the bottom

Our burgers are built starting with top bun, then special toppings, then patty, then standard toppings, then sauce, then bottom bun. Our unique approach to having toppings on the bottom allows your standard lettuce, tomato, and onion to soak in the unique flavor of the special toppings and patty you've selected. These components in your Burgerim burgers are going to be the most juicy and flavorful part, so by putting standard toppings on the bottom, we allow you to better enjoy the unique flavor profiles you've created.

Break Down Of What Is In A Burgerim Mini Burger - burger

Our Fast Food Restaurants Menu

Our menu was designed to give you hundreds of options. Get creative as you build your own burger pack. Choose from several different buns including special dietary options like gluten-free. Pick from an awe-inspiring list of special toppings like sauteed mushrooms, pineapple, or even a sunny side up egg! Select a traditional patty or get gourmet with a merguez (spicy beef), lamb, or salmon burger. We also offer special patty options and red meat alternatives for special nutritional needs like turkey and veggie patties. Pick your favorite sauce like our house sauce or BBQ and top off your meal with a savory side.

Family Options

Burgerim loves kids! One of the best parts about our 2.8 oz. burgers is that there are so many options to choose from, even fussy eaters are bound to find something they like. Our kids burger meal includes one perfectly portioned burger with fries and sliced vegetables. We care about your child's health and love providing nutritious options that they love.

Alternative Options

Not feeling a burger today? Burgerim is known for its burger concept but also provides delicious alternatives and options for the health conscious. Try a Burgerim salad, like our panzanella, chopped, or kale salad. Choose a sandwich, like our grilled chicken, ribeye, or crunchy chicken sandwich. Or, check out our delicious chicken wings! Our goal is to provide options for all and allow you and the rest of your party the ability to satisfy exactly what you're craving within a better fast food experience.

The Burgerim Customer Experience

We offer high quality food, always prepared fresh daily. No need to worry about your burgers before they get to your to-go box. You can depend on consistency in freshness and flavor. Every Burgerim restaurant is designed specifically to provide a stylish and modern atmosphere, creating an enjoyable upscale fast casual dining experience for each customer. No matter the occasion—a date, lunch meeting, or family outing—Burgerim works for every event at any time of the day. The staff at your local Burgerim location has been trained in customer service that will exceed your expectations. We have a highly experienced and caring corporate team who understands the importance of customer experience and ensures every franchised team is thoroughly trained in providing the best customer experience every time someone walks through our door. Consistency is the key to the success of our restaurants. We promise to provide consistency in food quality, environment, and customer experience. Come into your local Burgerim for a truly awesome fast food experience!

Fast Food Delivery

Fast food and delivery aren't concepts that typically come together. For your convenience, we're proud to offer delivery to our customers who can't make it into our restaurants. Simply call in your order and we'll show up shortly to satisfy your cravings from the comfort of your home or office.

Fast Food Franchising

Burgerim is a fast food franchise that provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to own their own restaurant and learn the top standards in quality food and customer service. Our corporate team provides business training, customer service training, assistance in choosing location, an architect and project manager, renovations, supplier connections, and ongoing support. We are an innovative company that depends upon our franchisees' success.

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