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The Best Hamburgers Near Me

Looking for the best burger in your area? You deserve two or three! Burgerim is introducing a new concept to the fast food world that’s shattering convention. We provide burger packs of 1, 2, 3, or 16—each customizable—to satisfy every last one of your cravings!

Our Mini Hamburgers

Each one of our hamburgers is 3 oz., the perfect size for a flavorful meal that you can eat on the go. Choose from an uno, duo, trio, or party box of our delicious hamburgers and customize every last detail from top to bottom bun. We’re best known for our unorthodox options. Our goal is to provide enough choices so that we have the ability to serve everyone that walks through our door with a meal that specifically satisfies exactly what they’ve been craving.

Our Gourmet Fast Food Menu

We’re bringing a gourmet edge to fast food hamburgers. Our delicious beef, prepared fresh daily, offers consistent high quality flavor. We provide unique patty options like merguez beef and wagyu beef. These options allow you to choose a foundation for your perfect hamburger meal. Start with the bun—choose from house bun, wheat, or gluten-free options (or lettuce wrapped, if you prefer). Then select a traditional or outlandish topping. Make it a cheeseburger, or tack on something interesting like pineapple or a sunny side up egg. We’ll put standard toppings on the bottom so they absorb the unique flavor profiles you’ve created. Pick a savory sauce and you’ve got yourself a hamburger pack that you can truly call your own.