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Get Restaurant Take Out From Burgerim

Because Burgerim is committed to providing a high quality and convenient experience to each of our customers, we offer options to dine in, order take out, or get delivery. We know it’s not common to find takeout and delivery from a fast food restaurant, but we’re here to offer something fresh and new! Everything about our concept is breaking fast food restaurant conventions.

Our Unique Restaurant Concept

Burgerim takes an “It's what you crave” approach with our burger restaurant. Our delicious patties are 2.8 oz. of perfection. Choose from an uno, duo, trio, or party box (16 burgers) and enjoy the process of customizing each one, from buns to toppings, to sauces. Our customers will usually come to find that they have a favorite combination, allowing them to create their own standard Burgerim order that’s their unique design. We also offer a kid friendly burger meal. Our kid’s burger meal includes one burger with a choice of a beef, chicken, or veggie patty served with fries and sliced vegetables. We care about the health of your family and love providing healthy alternatives to the traditional fast food restaurant concept.

Our Take Out Menu

Ready to get your burger take out? Now is the fun part! It’s time to build your burgers. Start with the bun—your perfect canvas for flavor profiles to come. Choose from our standard soft house bun, a wheat bun, or gluten-free. Then pick from a variety of unorthodox toppings, from pineapple to sunny side up egg. Now it’s time for your main source of flavor. We provide a gourmet selection of patties, from merguez beef to salmon. We’ll put standard toppings like lettuce, tomato, and onion below to absorb the juices from your topping and patty. Finally, pick a savory sauce to top it all off. Your custom creations will be ready for take out before you know it!