Oren Loni Talks Franchising

The only person who wasn’t surprised when Burgerim, a burger joint that specializes in burger sliders, became one of the most successful global franchises of the 21st century was owner and creator, Oren Loni. While there were times he questioned his actions, by the time his very first Burgerim opened its doors, Loni knew he’d created something special.

The very first American Burgerim was set-up in Los Angeles and opened its door to the public back in 2011. By this time, Oren Loni had already turned the concept into a successful chain that could be found and Europe. He was confident that the Americans would have the same positive response to his burger sliders, and he was right. The United States can’t get enough of the sliders. Today, Loni has managed to take what started out as a single establishment in Los Angeles and opened several more Burgerims in multiple states. He looks forward to working with other business minded people and setting up Burgerims in every single state.

Aspiring business owners can take one look at Loni and his Burgerim creation and they’ll realize just why he’s enjoyed so much success. Reasons include:

He took something most people love, burgers, and set his product apart from the competition by making his product familiar but also unique

·         He doesn’t use inferior products. All the ingredients used in his burger sliders are top quality.

·         Each store in the Burgerim franchise works hard to ensure that each customer leaves happy

·         The corporate offices work hard to ensure that each franchise owner has the tools needed to earn a quick return on their investment and

In today’s market having a stellar product and providing outstanding customer service are important, but Loni is quick to point out that those two things aren’t enough to drive hordes of people to the business. This is why Loni spent a great deal of time looking for a specific niche. It took time and patience, but eventually Loni collected enough customer information to realize that by marketing burger sliders and providing a great deal of variety, Burgerim filled a niche burger lovers had been missing. The first time the very first Burgerim opened its doors and Loni saw how people reacted to his menu, which includes more than eleven different burger patties, he knew he’d created something that was going to be huge.

To business owns who think they have also created something that will mirror the global franchising success of Burgerim, Oren Loni offers a few words of caution. He points out that the all it takes is a few bad satellite establishments to ruin the entire franchise. To many franchises fail, not because they didn’t have something good to offer consumers, but because other than providing support to the individuals who had invested in the business, the only thing they offered was marketing, and as a result, the owners lacked the tools needed to keep their part of the business running smoothly.

This is why Loni made sure that he set up a corporate office that works closely with each business person who invests in the Burgerim franchise. New owners receive assistance on a variety of issues including:

·         Financing

·         Location selection

·         Employee training/management

·         Selecting suppliers

·         And more.

Oren Loni currently lives in Los Angeles where he enjoys watching Burgerim continue to grow. He’s looking forward to the day when a Burgerim is in all fifty states.


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