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Gourmet Burgers Near Ophir

An fast-casual restaurant, Burgerim has more than 160 locations. We’ve started bringing our “It’s what you crave” concept to the United States, serving our gourmet burgers in packs of one, two, three, or 16. Each of our burgers is waiting to be customized with your choice of protein, toppings, sauce, and bun for nearly endless possibilities.

Burger 2 Pack - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Burger 3 Pack - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Party Box with 16 Burgers - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Visit our nearby location in Auburn to customize your order and satisfy all your cravings.


Our Innovative Burger Restaurant Concept

We made our way into the burger scene with our first Burgerim restaurant in 2011. Our goal was to redefine the way you think about, order, and eat one of your favorite foods: the burger. And we do this through our burgers: 2.8 oz. patties formed out of top-quality proteins. While we form the patties and add the spices for flavor, the burgers are meant to be your masterpiece. Check out our location in Ophir to customize your burgers to your liking.

Serving Burgers & More to Ophir

While we’ve become best known for our burgers, we’re known for our many options as well. You’ll get to choose from a variety of patties—including chicken, spicy beef, lamb, and veggie—and add your own touch using our fresh toppings, flavorful sauces, and homemade buns. Check out the rest of our menu while you’re there to see some of our other signature items like our Cripsy Chicken Wings and Panzanella Salad.