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Gourmet Burgers Near Bartlett

Founded in 2011, Burgerim is a fast casual restaurant franchise that is quickly capturing the attention of burger lovers around the world. We stepped on the market with our gourmet burgers and a unique concept, and we’ve only continued to grow since then. Most recently, we’ve been able to serve Bartlett residents from our Memphis location.

Burger 2 Pack - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Burger 3 Pack - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Party Box with 16 Burgers - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Visit our nearby location in Memphis to customize your order and satisfy all your cravings.


Our Innovative Burger Restaurant Concept

From the first to our newest locations, our customers love Burgerim for our quality service and unique concept. We offer a consistently satisfying dining experience paired with gourmet food at the right price—for an environment like nothing else. Come join us in Memphis for a snack, lunch, or dinner whenever you have a burger craving!

Serving Burgers & More to Bartlett

We want to make sure you have a variety of options when it comes to your choice of lunch or dinner. This is why we offer so many choices for gourmet ingredients—including flavorful patties made of anything from Wagyu beef to veggie to salmon. Top off your creation with fun ingredients like grilled mushrooms, pineapple, avocado, or a sunny-side-up egg. Customize an order of one, two, three, or sixteen burgers to satisfy your every craving. Not in the mood for a burger? Take a look at the rest of our menu below!