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Gourmet Burgers Near La Verne

Founded in 2011, Burgerim is a gourmet, fast-casual franchise that is taking the country by storm. With an “It’s what you crave” approach to the dining experience, we provide our gourmet burgers in unos, duos, trios, and 16-count party-packs of deliciousness. For each burger you get, we offer endless customization with a variety of special toppings, buns, patties, and sauces – giving you the ability to construct the exact burger that you want from scratch.

Burger 2 Pack - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Burger 3 Pack - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Party Box with 16 Burgers - Burgerim Baldwin Park

Visit our nearby location in Montclair to customize your order and satisfy all your cravings.


Our Innovative Burger Restaurant Concept

Motivated by the mission to redefine the way that people see the modern gourmet burger, we opened our first restaurant in 2011. Visit us at our location near La Verne; you’ll be happily greeted and offered speedy service and fresh ingredients. With our high-quality, varied patties, buns, specialty toppings, and signature sauces, we’re developing and constantly redefining what it means to get the perfect gourmet burger.

Serving Burgers & More to La Verne

We believe that you should be able to construct the burgers that you want to eat. By choosing from a different variety of patty types, including wagyu beef, salmon, veggie, chicken, and turkey, you’ll be sure to get a burger that fits your tastes. Not feeling like a burger? It’s no problem with our extensive menu of chicken wings, salads, sandwiches, onion rings, and more.