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Gourmet Burgers in San Diego

Burgerim is a fast casual franchise that has been making waves since 2011. Join us for our “It's what you crave” approach to gourmet patties.

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Three Burgers plus Potato Rounds plus Large Drink meal - Burgerim Montclair

Be creative and build a masterpiece at our San Diego location!

Customize your meal with flavorful proteins, gourmet buns, signature sauces, and unique toppings!

The Burgerim Restaurant Franchise

We wanted to change the way you order burgers in 2011. And after our first restaurant hit the ground running, we followed that success with more than 160 new locations in the coming years. It’s because of our delicious flavors, unique concept, and friendly service that we’ve been able to continue expanding at a rapid pace across the globe.

Offering Gourmet Burgers & Much More!

Our signature 3oz. patties are available as singles or in packs of two, three, or sixteen. Burgerim burgers are meant to be customized. Choose from our wide selection of gourmet buns, patties, toppings, and sauces to create whatever flavor you want. Not feeling a burger today? Our menu includes other favorites like sandwiches, chicken wings, signature sides, salads, and more!